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Lindze Letherman Brings More Ghosts of 'GH' Past


Lindze Letherman Brings More Ghosts of 'GH' Past

It’s more ghosts of ‘GH’ past with Lindze Letherman returning as Georgie Jones.

General Hospital fans continue to be haunted by the ghosts of the “Text Message Killer’s” victims, over two years later. Fan favorite Lindze Letherman’s young heroine Georgie Jones will make her return to the show beginning on March 26th. Letherman was last seen on the show when Georgie was murdered at the hands of the Text Message Killer in December 2007. This will mark the first time that Georgie will resurface on the show, albeit in “ghost form” as fans have come to know it. The story, which was widely panned by fans as a failure of epic proportions, with no clear-cut vision, claimed multiple residents of Port Charles, including Emmy winner Natalia Livingston’s character Emily Quartermaine. Livingston’s Emily lived on as a figment of fiancée Nikolas’s (Tyler Christopher) imagination for six months after she was killed. Now, Georgie will return for a few episodes to give sister Maxie (Kirsten Storms) advice at a “pivotal moment” in her life, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Have fans forgiven the show since it began killing off characters without a plan? The story was poorly planned and in fact didn’t even have a face for the killer chosen until after key murders like Emily and Georgie’s were committed. The show eventually decided to bring back Ignacio Serricchio’s Diego, who “died” a full year before and make him the killer as a plot for revenge for Sage, the dead cousin he never met. Bringing back dead fan favorites in ghost form just reminds fans that the soap never should have killed the characters in the first place. Has seeing Emily appear to Nikolas or Alan appear to Tracy really gratified fans? No. If they could resurrect a character like Diego, whom the audience witnessed being shot dead, why can’t they have made Georgie’s murder a faked death scenario? She is the child of Frisco (Jack Wagner) and Felicia (Kristina Wagner) after all. GH should just scrap this whole “ghost Georgie” idea and go back to the drawing board. Couldn’t the WSB have facilitated Georgie’s death to protect her from the killer?

Letherman joined General Hospital in 2002 as the teen-aged version of Georgie Jones. She had previously appeared on Passions and in the film Bicentennial Man. When her contract was up in 2007, she re-signed with the show for a 3-month contract, but left the show at the end of it. The departure of her onscreen partner, Scott Clifton (ex-Dillon), seemed to have an adverse affect on Letherman’s screen time and storyline. Since leaving General Hospital, Letherman appeared on GH writer Karen Harris’s internet soap, Life in General and has filmed the movie Stamped!

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