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ATWT Previews: Week of February 8


ATWT Previews: Week of February 8

Carly & Jack find Liberty and Parker in bed together.


  • Susan realizes that Alison slept with Mick.
  • Carly & Jack find Liberty and Parker in bed together.
  • Lily finds a crazed Meg in her home.
  • Emily finds Paul with a gun and learns who he wants to harm.

Columnist Karen Riel writes about scene stealing pairings in the latest edition of "A View of The World"


Aware of her relations with Mick, Susan warns Alison to stay away from the mysterious man. After having Mick arrested, Emily and Paul go to Tom and Margo’s to find Alison. They inform Alison that Mick claims to be James Stenbeck. Upset, Alison confronts him at the police station. Back at Fairwinds Emily realizes that if Mick is a fraud her hopes of having a baby are crushed. Lily returns home and makes a shocking discovery; Meg! Over at Java, Molly excuses herself from a coffee date with Holden. She slips away to Lily’s house after a friend tipped her off to the unfolding drama there. After much convincing, Molly shelters Meg from the police. Later, Luke continues to struggle with Damian’s disappearance after he receives bad news. Lily begins to wonder if Holden could have killed Damian. Noah suggests that he and Maddie could room together. Reid cautions Katie against having Jacob tested as a bone marrow donor. Together, they discuss personal losses and comfort each other despite Reid’s cold exterior.


Carly arrives at Oakdale Memorial to support Liberty during her first round of chemotherapy. Armed with a fashion care package, she runs into Jack, who is surprised to see her. They both agree to get tested as potential bone marrow donors in case Liberty needs another treatment option. Believing that the chemotherapy will be a cure-all, Janet is upset by their actions. Jack leaves the hospital after receiving news that Parker has been skipping classes again. He meets with Parker’s principal who accuses Carly of drinking. Angry, Jack strongly defends Carly’s sobriety and explains that Liberty’s illness has been difficult for Parker. After the meeting Jack and Carly return home to find Liberty and Parker, in bed, sleeping. They are proud that their son is so supportive, and is able to console Liberty when she admits that she is scared. Jack and Carly compliment each other on their parenting, and kiss. Carly, however, breaks away saying that it can never happen again.

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