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AMC Previews: Week of March 8


AMC Previews: Week of March 8

David enjoys a little payback on Erica!

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Imagining that Adam has left her for Brooke, the procedure of harvesting Annie’s bone marrow comes to a sudden halt when she suffers a full blown attack. Angie contacts Adam, who’s able to calm Annie and the procedure gets underway again. JR goes into duress while undergoing the bone marrow infusion. Angie has the unfortunate task of informing JR’s family that now would be the time to say their goodbyes to him. JR reunites with Dixie in heaven and watches as his family pours out the love they feel as they plead with him to come back to them. From heaven, JR sees Adam with AJ at his bedside and realizes what he has to do.


Erica finds an angry David waiting for her at her penthouse. Disappointed that Erica sold him out, David handcuffs her to a chair just as she had done to him. Greenlee unleashes her wrath on Ryan and later Jake and Jesse as she accuses them of railroading David. Greenlee goes to Erica’s penthouse after receiving a cryptic call from David. Greenlee spars with Erica while subtly looking around the room for the clue David mentioned. Greenlee finds David’s note and later meets up with him at the hospital chapel. Greenlee outsmarts Ryan and Erica Jack turns Greenlee down when she asks him to represent David.


Angie’s uncertain of whether or not she wants to remain Chief of Staff at the hospital. Tad feels Dixie’s presence stronger than ever as he prays for JR to pull through. Brooke sees just how paranoid Annie is. Annie accuses Brooke of trying to steal Adam from her. Brooke expresses her concern for Adam to Angie. Annie’s miffed when Adam doesn’t give her the attention she craves. Adam becomes upset when Annie admits she asked Brooke to move back to the Valley Inn. JR’s asks Brooke to protect Adam from Annie.


Ryan drops a tracking device in Greenlee’s purse on Monday, March 8

David promises Greenlee he’ll return to her and they share an embrace on Tuesday, March 9

JR reunites with Dixie in Heaven on Wednesday, March 10

Liza makes a discovery about Damian’s mother on Thursday, March 11

Tad volunteers to supervise Damon on Friday, March 12

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