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ATWT Previews: Week of March 22


ATWT Previews: Week of March 22

Barbara makes Henry jealous when she is seen out on a date with Craig.


  • Faith continues to unravel.
  • Barbara and Henry play games to make each other jealous.
  • Carly cares for Janet.

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With Vienna back in Oakdale, Barbara devises a way to make Henry jealous by setting up a date with Craig. The pair go to Metro and conveniently run into Henry. Craig realizes that he’s part of the ruse and agrees that their fake date made Henry green with jealousy. Vienna and Henry discover that their once highly sexual relationship has come to a stall. Henry finds himself distracted in the bedroom and can’t perform. Despondent, Vienna leaves in time for Barbara to swoop in armed with the revealing red dress from Fashions. Vienna confides in Barbara about her dismal sex life since her return. Later, Barbara sees Henry and Vienna at Al’s.


Dusty and Janet head for the Dominican Republic for a quickie divorce but are caught when Jack catches wind. After a huge argument between Carly, Jack, and Dusty, Janet doubles over in pain. Carly volunteers to take care of Janet. Together the pair go see Liberty in Minneapolis. Dusty discovers that his dream house has been sold out from under him. Some of the files concerning Parker’s trust fund are missing from Craig’s room. He does some investigating around the Lakeview. A mysterious gloved stranger reveals he has a photo of Johnny. Molly and Lily find themselves at odds over Faith. Holden comes to Molly’s aid. Faith admits to Parker that she was caught with drugs at school. While he steps out, Faith hides her stash in his room.

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