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ATWT Previews: Week of March 15


ATWT Previews: Week of March 15

Luke and Noah have a tearful goodbye.


  • Luke and Noah break up.
  • Lily takes comfort in Holden’s arms.
  • Paul warns Emily about getting too close to Eliza.

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Noah admits to Luke that he cannot commit to him wholeheartedly because he is consumed with the need to regain his eyesight. Together they share a regretful goodbye as Noah prepares to leave for Dallas with Dr. Oliver. Later, Luke runs into Reid but won’t give him the satisfaction of knowing that he and Noah have broken up. A stranger confronts Reid and calls him a murder.

Luke questions Reid about the outburst but the doctor won’t give away any of the details surrounding the incident. He returns to Lily’s having just missed reuniting with Holden who has gone with his mother to take Faith back to school. Lucinda comforts her grandson as he becomes emotional about his breakup. As she takes her leave, Luke notices someone outside. Hoping that it’s Noah, Luke goes out on the terrace. It turns out that it is Reid. He relates that the daughter of the man who attacked him did in fact die under his watch. Still feeling guilty about the death of his patient, Reid is flattered when Luke tells him that he respects the work that the doctor does.


Vienna returns to Oakdale and discovers evidence of Barbara and Henry’s love affair. Vienna desperately wants to fall in love with Henry all over again. Barbara almost tells Henry that she has fallen in love with him. Henry seals the deal to donate money to Memorial in honor of Brad at Katie’s request. Liberty learns that her mother is pregnant. Dusty proposes to Janet and gets Liberty’s blessing. Carly and Jack entertain the thought of getting back together. Bob, Kim, and Katie are suspicious that Chris’s feelings for Alison have reignited. Desperate for a new roommate since Maddie left town, Alison moves in with Noah. When baby Eliza calls Emily ‘momma’ again, Emily doesn’t correct her. Later, Meg is able to spend some quality time with Paul and Eliza during a supervised visit to Old Town. Back at Deerbrooke, Meg decides to try to spend more time with her daughter. Molly learns that Faith has been suspended from school.

As the World Turns will be preempted on Thursday, March 18th and Friday, March 19th.

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