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AMC Previews: Week of April 5


AMC Previews: Week of April 5

Greenlee’s stunned to learn Kendall doesn’t even know she’s alive.

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Liza wants it to be known that it was Kendall who drove Greenlee off the road for David’s defense in court. David insists that Greenlee can never learn the truth. David tells Liza he wants to plea bargain with the District Attorney. Greenlee is on a mission to find out what happened on the night of her accident. Greenlee becomes angry at Erica and Jack when she thinks they’re holding information from her. Greenlee catches Erica leaving a message for Kendall. Greenlee refuses to allow Liza to make a plea bargain for David. Liza questions Greenlee about her accident. Ryan thinks Greenlee should be told the truth, but Erica fears she’ll think Kendall caused the accident on purpose. Greenlee asks Natalia to help her found out about the driver that was involved in her accident. Fearing Greenlee has tracked Kendall down, Erica charters a jet to try and beat her.


Angie informs Tad, Liza and Adam that Damon and Colby have been in an accident. Adam is devastated when he learns that Brooke was the driver of the other car and is in grave shape. Jesse finds proof that Damon was sending a text message at the time of the accident. Adam remembers happy times with Brooke and is determined to stay by her side after she pulls through surgery. Annie is upset that Adam is staying with Brooke. Thinking of her late daughter Laura, Brooke becomes emotional after Damon admits he caused the accident. Annie is unaware that Adam plans on moving Brooke back to the mansion to recuperate.


Annie flies into JR’s arms. Colby points out the flaws in JR’s plan to seduce Annie. Annie becomes distraught when she realizes Adam has lied to her about Brooke. Annie begins to open up to JR. JR is thrilled that his plan is worken. Annie lets her vulnerability show as she tells JR why she really donated her bone marrow. JR sees Annie in a different light and is taken by storm, the sudden attraction he feels for her. Unaware of the hidden spy camera, Annie kiss JR.


Damon faces some serious legal trouble. Liza wants Tad to get Damon to stay away from Colby. Tad and Angie try to reach out to Damon. Angie tells Tad that Damon reminds her of her late brother Ted. David’s suspicious when Greenlee suddenly agrees to stay away from his trial. Amanda’s first photo shoot is a hit, but someone takes a great interest in her.


Annie and JR share a genuine connection on Monday, April 5

Greenlee’s stunned to learn Kendall doesn’t even know she’s alive on Tuesday, April 6

Krystal berates David for not making more of an effort with Marissa on Wednesday, April 7

Liza fears that Damon and Colby are growing closer on Thursday, April 8

Kendall and Greenlee come face to face on Friday, April 9

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