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ATWT Previews: Week of April 26


ATWT Previews: Week of April 26

Meg interrupts Eliza’s custody hearing.


  • Parker reacts when he learns of Gabriel’s mischievous activities.
  • Carly is furious when she learns of Craig’s misdeeds.
  • A fire consumes Monte Carlo.
  • Meg interrupts Eliza’s custody hearing.

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Carly sets up a meeting with a perfume distributor thanks to a connection through Lily but Craig avoids the issue when she asks him for money. Craig receives a call from his private investigator and follows up on a lead finding Ellis at a movie theatre. Carly follows close behind but Ellis evades capture. Craig admits that he and his business partner made some bad investments with the money for Monte Carlo. Carly is outraged and berates herself for even beginning to trust him again. Later, Craig thinks up a seemingly brilliant plan to burn down the Monte Carlo offices for the insurance money. Meanwhile, Gabriel lies unconscious inside the burning building after an altercation with a jealous Parker.


Parker learns that his trust fund has been misused and immediately suspects Gabriel who continues to flash his allowance money from Craig. Gabriel sets up a movie date with Liberty but when they go to his room at the Lakeview the pair finds that Parker has broken in and is rummaging through Gabriel’s things. After the funeral Dusty once again asks Janet for forgiveness. Janet explains that while she still loves Dusty she needs to put the engagement on hold. She gives her ring back to him. Molly is upset when Holden cancels another date in order to help out his ex-wife. Out of spite, she gives into Silas’s flirtatious advances when he comes calling. Lily and Lucinda debate about exposing a twenty year old cover up. Luke and Reid continue to bond, but we discover that he is conflicted when Noah calls, anxious about his upcoming surgery and needing him.

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