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ATWT Previews: Week of April 19


ATWT Previews: Week of April 19

Grief stricken Janet seeks comfort from Jack.


  • Janet learns of Rocco’s death and Liberty’s diagnosis.
  • Emma checks Meg out of the hospital.
  • Vienna is suspicious about Henry’s relationship with Katie.
  • Luke and Reid bond in Texas.

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Upset to learn that her father has died, Janet seeks comfort from Jack. Dusty tries his best to explain what happened but she won’t hear any of it. Carly goes to the police station where she sees Jack and Janet embracing, and she leaves upset. Parker consoles his upset mother, but Carly tells him that he should be with Liberty. Surrounded by her friends, Liberty receives news that her cancer is in remission. Gabriel suggests that Liberty takes his new sports car for a celebratory spin. Later, Parker breaks the news to Liberty that Roccoo has died. Together, they go to Metro so Liberty can be with her mother and aunt. Dusty again apologizes, and Janet admits that she may have overreacted. That being said, however, she cannot bring herself to forgive Dusty. Heartbroken, Dusty asks Craig if he can spend some time with Johnny. Craig lays it out on the line telling Dusty that he’ll never be with Janet. Carly appears just in time to stop the men from fighting. She accuses Craig of provoking Dusty so Janet will never take him back. Craig doesn’t deny his actions and admits that he will be there for her when she doesn’t get what she needs from Jack. Later, Carly and Dusty look on as Jack escorts Janet to her father’s funeral.


Katie continues her match-making by setting up Chris and Ali. Still high from the rush of saving a young patient earlier, Chris impulsively tries to kiss Ali but she gently declines. Later, Chris accidentally runs into Katie in Old Town, spilling a smoothie on her. The pair shares a moment before Katie changes the topic focusing back on hooking Chris up with Alison. Meanwhile, Katie has problems of her own as Vienna becomes suspicious that she had a romance with Henry while Vienna was away. Vienna approaches Barbara hoping to wear a vintage wedding dress Barbara designed. Barbara is later shocked to learn that Vienna hopes to be carrying Henry’s child by the time they wed. Emma checks Meg out of Deerbrook before learning that Meg acted strangely on her overnight at Fairwinds. She and Meg take Eliza out to the farm. In hindsight, Emma wishes that she would have defended Meg’s rights to Eliza. Paul and Emily take Eliza back to Fairwinds because Paul still has legal custody of his daughter.

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