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ATWT Previews: Week of May 24


ATWT Previews: Week of May 24

Holden and Molly have a confrontation.


  • Gabriel sticks to his story.
  • Katie has a run-in with Chris.
  • Henry prepares a proposal.
  • Molly receives a sexy present.

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After viewing the footage from Lisa’s show, Katie tries to suppress her developing feelings for Chris. She thinks about him all day, but when he arrives at the studio, neither can admit their feelings. Alison comes to the studio to pick Chris up for their date. Katie is chagrined and decides to spy on the couple but is discovered after she accidentally hits Chris’s car with hers. The girls take a shaken up Chris to Katie’s house to lie down. Katie admits that she was a little jealous that Chris was on a date with Alison. But before confessing her feelings she sees a picture of Brad in the corner of her eye and hesitates.


Liberty is horrified to learn that Parker and Gabriel had fought. Gabriel continues to lie, pinning Craig as the one who assaulted him at the Monte Carlo offices before the fire. Lily tries to convince Gabriel that she was one responsible for keeping Craig in the dark. Craig is arrested. Carly is thrilled that Parker can come home. Thinking that the sexy lingerie was a surprise for him, Holden arranges a date night with Molly. Salias sets the record straight with Holden who confronts Molly. Henry decides that his proposal to Vienna requires all the bells and whistles. Barbara decides that she can’t design Vienna’s wedding dress. Casey and Vienna hook up once again behind Henry’s back.

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