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ATWT Previews: Week of June 28


ATWT Previews: Week of June 28

Henry commits himself to Vienna for the sake of their child.

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  • Chris distances himself from Katie
  • Meg threatens Emily
  • Henry commits himself to Vienna for the sake of their child
  • Barbara overhears important information

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Chris is upset that Katie would have the audacity to change Vienna’s medical records, and acts cold and distant towards her. Katie hopes that Chris can keep his mouth shut on the issue but he is conflicted when Casey confides in him. Chris threatens to expose the whole scheme but Katie bribes him. Later, Chris convinces Katie that Henry should know the truth, and together they go to the Lakeview. Before they can reach Henry, Vienna gives the pair an invitation to her wedding, which is happening the next day. Meanwhile, Barbara tries to convince Henry that he shouldn’t get married. Henry, on the other hand, feels committed to Vienna for the sake of their unborn child. That evening Chris, out to dinner with Barbara and Kim, bumps into Katie who is celebrating Henry and Vienna’s engagement. Barbara overhears that Vienna and Casey slept together but before she can blow the whistle, Vienna whisks Henry away. Vienna forces Henry to swear that he won’t go to Barbara and the couple spends the night apart.


Meg threatens to kill Emily but she drugs herself so she cannot be held responsible for her actions. Paul and Emily both fall to the ground as the gun goes off. Henry finds Barbara tied up in her room and frees her. Together they rush to Fairwinds in time to see Meg subdued. Luke tells Mona Cross and Bob that they are losing a great doctor of a silly company policy. Reid discovers that Luke and Noah have not gotten back together.

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