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ATWT Previews: Week of June 14


ATWT Previews: Week of June 14

Craig is outraged to learn that Lucinda has been the one calling the shots with Gabriel.

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  • Janet has a pregnancy scare
  • Gabriel has a change of heart
  • Allison and Casey hunt for Vienna’s doctor
  • Barbara meddles in Paul and Emily’s marriage

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Craig is outraged to learn that Lucinda has been the one calling the shots with Gabriel. He threatens her and ties her up. Faith finds her later and rescues her. They decide to go to the Lakeview to find Lily but Faith instead spies upon Gabriel and Liberty cozying up in the elevator. The couple heads up to Craig’s room but before things can get intimate, Liberty puts on the breaks. Craig enters the room and tries to plead with Gabriel but instead of hearing him out, Gabriel calls the police.

Jack and Margo arrive on the scene and once again place Craig under arrest. Liberty tries to tell Gabriel that he should try and accept Craig, flaws and all. Later at the police station, Gabriel admits that he lied; Craig didn’t try to hurt him. Liberty is happy that Gabriel changed his tune, but he tells her that just because he helped Craig out it doesn’t mean that he wants a relationship with his father. Meanwhile, Craig is happy that Gabriel finally exonerated him, but must remain in jail for his previous offenses.

Casey demands to know the truth from Vienna about her pregnancy. Henry and Barbara share a moment while out for a walk. Chris knows that Katie is in love with him. Emma tells Paul that she too believes that Emily is poisoning Meg. Paul discovers pills that Meg planted in Emily’s briefcase. Faith tells Parker that she saw Liberty and Gabriel together. Margo won’t press charges against Parker. Carly tells Jack that she thought he would become less self righteous after Brad’s accidental death. Jack is shocked by her accusations and storms out.

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