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ATWT Previews: Week of July 12


ATWT Previews: Week of July 12

Henry learns that Vienna was never pregnant.

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  • Henry learns that Vienna was never pregnant
  • Lily and Craig go to New York to seal the deal with the perfume company
  • Bob turns down Invicta’s offer to buy the hospital
  • Carly learns about Jack’s offer for Janet to live at Snyder Farm

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Henry discovers that Vienna was never pregnant and calls her out on her lies. Vienna tries to defend her behavior but Henry is having none of it. Henry goes to Barbara and bangs on her door but she isn’t home. Henry leaves her a note begging her to come back to him. Will can’t shake the feeling that something is wrong with Barbara. Jack says that he will start an investigation into where Barbara might be after Gwen finds her passport. Vienna swears that she’ll find a reason for Henry to come back to her.


Lily admits to Craig that pretending to be happy for Holden is killing her. He suggests that she and Carly go to New York to settle with things with the perfume line. Things fall through with Carly and she is unable to go on the trip leaving Craig to go in her stead. Lily and Craig bond when the power goes out at their hotel. Craig wants to prove that he is a better person. Janet arranges for Dusty to spend some time with Johnny. The three of them bond over a day out. Jack and Carly go to Metro for a date and see Dusty and Janet there. Bob turns down Mona Cross’s offer to buy the hospital. Bob asks Reid to consider taking on his position if Reid works on his bedside manner. Carly is upset that she is the last to know that Liberty and Janet are going to be living in the cabin at the farm. But Jack promises her that he cares for her and they share an impassioned kiss. Parker mopes around the farm watching Liberty work with Gabriel.

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