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Y&R Previews: Week of October 25

Y&R Previews: Week of October 25

Victoria ups the stakes in the lawsuit against Victor.


Tucker receives a threat from Diane. Diane is furious after reading Phyllis’ newest Restless Style expose and plans on confronting her rival. Diane has a few choice words for Phyllis and Jack at the Restless Style office. Victoria mentions her desire to acquire Beauty of Nature to Vance. Meggie continues with her mission to become the next Mrs. Victor Newman. Sharon has a plan for Noah and Nick.


Monday – Victoria ups the ante in the lawsuit against Victor. No one is safe from Diane’s wrath. Meggie sets the final phase of her plan in motion.

Tuesday – Victor’s manipulations backfire. Sharon has a surprising offer for Nick and Noah. Deacon’s plans for Nikki could be over before they start.

Wednesday – Victor refused to comply with the judge’s order. Chloe decides to get answers. Skye goes to Sharon to help stop Adam.

Thursday – Abby wonders if she has a future with Daniel. Adam’s manipulations continue. Victor calls in a favor.

Friday – Chloe goes to Rafe for help with Kevin. JT receives devastating news.

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