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B&B Previews: Week of October 25


B&B Previews: Week of October 25

Taylor makes it clear she doesn’t want Brooke working with Thomas.


Thomas demands that Taylor mind her own business about his working with Brooke. Ridge is forced to break up a fight between Brooke and Taylor when Brooke slaps Taylor for continuing to insult her. Stephanie begins to see her life in a different light. Eric gets upset when Stephanie spends time helping the homeless instead of recuperating from surgery.


Monday – Taylor lashes out at Brooke for inappropriate behavior with Thomas, who tells his mother to mind her own business. Amber overhears a discussion calling her new line a disappointment. Amber plots to steal designs from Forrester creations.

Tuesday – Ridge attempts to play mediator between Brooke and Taylor. Bill taunts Hope for staring at Oliver. Hope harshly criticizes Bill about his treatment of Liam. Amber talks Oliver into taking her home.

Wednesday – Nick is impressed with Amber’s latest designs. Hope warns Oliver about Amber. Stephanie comes home from the hospital and immediately wants to get to work helping at the homeless shelter. Stephanie apologizes to Brooke.

Thursday – Brooke informs Eric that Stephanie is not recuperating but is instead at the homeless shelter. Stephanie is convinced that she has found her life’s purpose. Eric explains to Brooke that he had envisioned a different retirement for himself and Stephanie.

Friday – Stephanie continues to interview homeless people and gains a greater understanding of their plight. Eric begins to worry that Stephanie encountered trouble downtown. Brooke ventures downtown to the shelter.

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Y&R Previews: Week of October 25

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