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B&B Previews: Week of January 31


B&B Previews: Week of January 31

Brooke confides in Katie about Thomas; Hope has questions for Oliver; Justin and Donna’s wedding day approaches.


Stephanie is swayed by Brooke. Donna tells Eric about her engagement to Justin. Stephen and Pam announce their engagement. Olivia Barber Winters arrives from Genoa City. Justin and Donna get married without interruption. Katie wants Brooke to quit the Taboo line when she learns of Thomas’s feelings for Brooke. Ridge works to uncover the identity of Thomas’s new love interest. Stephanie and Jackie unite to convince Nick to stop smoking. Amber drops the baby bomb on Liam and Hope. Hope doesn’t believe her, of course. Oliver questions Amber about the baby. She assures him the baby is Liam’s. Oliver decides to keep his tryst with Amber a secret from Hope


Monday – Stephanie agrees to Brooke’s request. Stephanie issues Stephen a stern warning about Pam. Donna shares her good news with Eric. Hope attempts to poke holes in Amber’s pregnancy story, but Amber sticks to her guns.

Tuesday – Amber confesses to Oliver about being pregnant. The Logan sisters reminisce about their late mother and brother. A surprise out-of-town guest arrives just in time for Donna and Justin’s nuptials. Bill ruffles the feathers of several wedding guests.

Wednesday – The entire family gathers to celebrate Donna’s wedding. Marcus is happy to see his parents reunited. Amber tries to convince Oliver to remain quiet about having slept with her. Hope and Liam have questions for Oliver.

Thursday – Brooke confides in Katie about Thomas kissing her. Nick has difficulties dealing with his addition and takes out his irritability on everyone around him. Stephanie displays sensitivity towards Eric regarding Donna’s remarriage.

Friday – Nick is given another harsh warning from Dr. Lewis about changing his lifestyle; Ridge witnesses an uncomfortable run-in between Brooke and Summer; Stephanie comes up with an idea of how to get through to Nick.

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DAYS Previews: Week of January 31

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