DAYS Previews: Week of January 31

DAYS Previews: Week of January 31

Jennifer’s life hangs in the balance; Carly comes to a painful realization; Imposter Rafe begins his mission.


Monday – EJ tells Stefano to proceed with their plans for Rafe. Jennifer is knocked out and strapped to an operating table. Nicole’s sister, Taylor, pays her a surprise visit. Daniel tells Sami it’s too soon to know if Rafe has any brain damage from the accident.

Tuesday – Nicole suspects that Taylor has an ulterior motive. Imposter Rafe begins his impersonation. Carly witnesses an emotional moment between Bo and Hope. Daniel realizes that Ben is trafficking in organs through the prison.

Wednesday – Rafe awakens to see he’s behind bars. Ben is devastated to learn Lee had taken out Jennifer’s heart. Chad fells rebuffed by Stefano when EJ shows up. Bo and Hope almost kiss.

Thursday – Daniel holds Jennifer’s life in his hands. Carly tells Bo that she can’t stand in the way of him and Hope. Kate’s euphoric over an opportunity to get Parker away from Chloe. The Carvers invite Taylor to stay with them for the night.

Friday – Imposter Rafe and Johnny return home from the hospital. Maggie encourages Melanie to give Nathan another chance. EJ and Sami share a warm moment as they remember Grace. Maggie, Doug and Julie sit by Jennifer’s bedside.

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