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B&B Previews: Week of February 28


B&B Previews: Week of February 28

Marcus isn’t pleased when he learned Thomas has a thing for Dayzee.


An excited Amber wanders around her new home. Bill’s plan is thwarted by Amber’s unknowing houseguest. Amber’s first evening in her new house is terrifying. Bill continues to plot against Amber, determined to make her go away. Steffy unexpectedly saves Amber from Bill and he is forced to put his plan on hold.
Steffy grows suspicious when Bill acts strange and tries to get her out the door. Brooke offers reassurance when Hope tries to move on without Liam.


Monday – Marcus learns that Thomas has been bonding with Dayzee; Amber tours her new home; Bill’s plan is thwarted by an unsuspecting bystander; Amber turns the tables on Steffy; Katie learns about what Bill did with their new house.

Tuesday – Marcus warns Dayzee that Thomas is interested in her; Ridge attempts to give Thomas advice on how to win Dayzee’s affection; Steffy makes a bold confession to Taylor about the real reason that she returned to Los Angeles.

Wednesday – Thomas surprises Dayzee with a trip to San Francisco for a charity ball; Liam suggests to Bill that they go public about Amber’s pregnancy; Marcus interrogates Amber about other possible paternity candidates for her baby.

Thursday – Amber has a horrifying night alone in her new home; Hope and Liam decide to go their separate ways, and they share an emotional goodbye; Brooke asks Steffy if she has any residual feelings for Bill.

Friday – Steffy finds herself at the wrong place at the wrong time; Brooke and Ridge support Hope’s decision; Donna stumbles across a flustered Bill and becomes suspicious of his disturbing behavior; Steffy pays a visit to Bill.

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