DAYS Previews: Week of February 28

DAYS Previews: Week of February 28

Jennifer gets a surprise when Abby returns home to Salem!


Monday – Nicole asks EJ and Taylor what’s going on between them; Sami sees impostor Rage hugging Stephanie; Philip discovers that Kate and Melanie have been conspiring against Chloe; Melanie takes comfort in Nathan’s arms.

Tuesday – Brady and Taylor have drinks at Chez Rouge; Kate and Daniel get into an argument; Melanie is rushed to the hospital; Sami lays into impostor Rafe for hugging Stephanie inappropriately.

Wednesday – Stefano believes that Rafe has outlived his usefulness; Nathan and Philip argue about Melanie; Abby surprises Jennifer with her homecoming; Hope spends time with Jennifer and Julie.

Thursday – Abby walks in on Daniel and Jennifer; Melanie tells Philip she still loves him; Abby learns that Daniel is the doctor who saved Jennifer’s life; Chad bonds with EJ and Johnny; impostor Rafe is furious that Sami scheduled an MRI for him behind his back.

Friday – Philip reunites Chloe with Parker; Victor is determined to find a way to destroy Brady; Nathan makes a declaration of love to Melanie; impostor Rafe tells EJ he needs to learn more about Rafe’s past; Taylor reluctantly visits Nicole.

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