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B&B Previews: Week of July 4


Stephanie tries to convince Thomas not to reveal the truth; Eric questions why Ridge is rushing into marriage with Taylor.


Ridge confesses to Eric

Eric offers Ridge some much needed advice

Hope and Dayzee encourage Stephanie and Thomas to admit the truth before the wedding

Brooke says goodbye to Ridge and gives him something to remember her by

Dayzee issues Stephanie and Thomas a stern warning

Felicia gives her two cents to Ridge

Steffy is overjoyed that Brooke is out of her father’s life

Taylor heads down the aisle while disaster looms

Stephanie and Thomas are racked with guilt as Ridge and Taylor wed

The Logans  attempt to comfort Brooke as she tries to deal with losing Ridge yet again to Taylor

Steffy and Dayzee try to get along for the sake of Thomas

Stephanie keeps Thomas from confessing the truth

Taylor is pissed when she finds out the truth

Brooke tries to deal with losing the love of her life

Stephen fears for Brooke’s safety when she goes missing after stating that she needs to be alone.

Steffy tries to get Dayzee to reveal what she knows about Stephanie and Thomas’ secret.

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