Intrigued By 'The Secret Circle', Mini-Review of the Premiere


With an intriguing story and good casting, The Secret Circle has brought this viewer out of her comfort zone and into the realm of a CW watcher.

As a longtime fan of the WB’s Charmed, the new series on the CW, The Secret Circle, drew my attention and I watched the premiere episode last Thursday.

The premise of the show is a young teenage girl moves in with her grandmother after her mother “dies.” The small harbor town quickly becomes a crazy town for this young girl named Cassie.  Cassie soon learns that she is a witch, as was her mother and father, and her grandmother. The teenager has a hard time wrapping her head around this new discovery wondering why her mother never told her of these powers she apparently has. But she is not alone, as the secret circle includes 5 other teens whom Cassie meets on her first day of school. It is their destiny to be part of this secret circle and each teen will find a book of spells that will explain their powers and who they are.

As the episode progresses, the audience becomes aware that the parents of these teen witches are also witches and were part of the secret circle when they were young.  Each teen lost a parent, a mother or a father, in an incident 16 years ago and no one in town wants to talk about it as Cassie discovers.   The parents, and in Cassie’s case, her grandmother, realize just how bad the situation can become if this group of teens discover and use their powers they have inherited, little do they know, the teens have already discovered their powers and with Cassie added to the group, it completes the circle and their powers become stronger and uncontrollable.

By the end of the first episode, a lot of the story is already unveiled to the audience. Cassie learns of her powers, she finds the book her mom left her, and she is introduced to her own powers. I’m assuming the rest of this series will reveal more of the incident that occurred 16 years ago that killed Cassie’s father and the others and why her mother didn’t tell her about her special abilities.

I am open to giving this series a chance to prove itself, on premise alone, I’m intrigued.  Former Days of our Lives actress Shelley Hennig portrays Diane, a teen witch who befriends Cassie and seems to be the leader of the secret circle of teen witches.   Shelley and the rest of the cast do a fine job at selling the story and I am made to care about their characters and the situation they are put in.

It’s an intriguing story and I hope the show can live up to my expectations.  As a non-watcher of the CW, I’m a bit hesitant, but with Shelley Hennig as part of the cast, I’m giving The Secret Circle my viewership.

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