Day of Days 2011: An Interview With Matt Ashford


Matt Ashford (Jack) speaks with TVSource Magazine at Days of our Lives’ fourth annual Day of Days fan event.

TVSource headed out to Los Angeles for Days of our Lives‘ fourth annual “Day of Days” fan event. The free (yes FREE) event was a chance for fans to mingle with some of their favorite stars, and gave the press a chance to have some face to face time with the cast.

We got right down to business when speaking with Matt Ashford, who recently returned to the show after a four year absence. He spoke about his return and how difference it is this time around. “Being back at Days is really like an old family reunion. It is nice to see a lot of people doing well. We have a lot of terrific young actors on the show. There is an interest in showing the multi-generational relationships that really helps the storytelling. There are natural problems, just letting people be people.” He went on to talk a little bit about how Jack was always in some crazy antics previously, saying “last time I was on I was having fun doing wacky stuff. I enjoy it, but at a certain point [people have had enough of it]. We sometimes tend to go off the edge.”

Fans recently found out that Jack didn’t really just up and leave Jennifer. He tells us, “they were in London, living, working, everything. Then he disappeared. It was a bit of a challenge [when I first came back] because I didn’t know [where Jack had been]. He is living a world of denial now. The stuff keeps intruding.” Ashford tells us what Jack went through was pretty bad, explaining that “he was kidnapped and held against his will and tortured. It was not good and he really does not want to deal with.”

Ashford also spoke about working with his newest on-screen daughter, Kate Mansi. “[She] is a woman. Kate has a range; [She has] a tremendous amount of fire and anger underneath that she is releasing. Right now her character is very hurt. She is really upset and angry and Jack is going to have to find a way to ride it out, but it is like finding your way through a mind field. She is angrier than Jennifer, in a way.” As Kate pointed out to us later in her interview, Abby’s anger comes from a place of her father really letting her down.

As we concluded our short time together, the actor had nothing but praise for his on screen partner, Melissa Reeves. “We both have learned a lot about working together, acting, and how to support each other. We learned about discovering things as a couple. Missy is a great listener and responder to whatever is going on. The moment is what it was. We have had some wonderful times where we have taken some scenes and situation that we didn’t know what we were going to with them and in the end they really ended up being something. For me that is a real cherished memories because you don’t always have a partner like that and she has just been wonderful.”

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