Day of Days 2011: An Interview With Bren Foster & Kate Mansi


Bren Foster (Quinn) and Kate Mansi (Abigail) speak with Soap Opera Source at Days of our Lives’ fourth annual Day of Days fan event.

The return of Quinn Hudson is going to shake up a few things in Salem, USA. Days of our Lives temporarily wrote out Bren Foster to usher his character and the departing Tamara Braun (ex-Taylor) off the canvas. We asked Foster what it was that could have lured Quinn back to Salem and keep him there. “I think Quinn has a certain familiarity in Salem. He liked the community and the place and wants to move away from his criminal past,” the actor tells us. “He opens a business. He is trying to gain acceptance.”

Kate Mansi (Abigail) added, “I think a lot of times you don’t know what your doing until after [you have done it]. I think he is going through a lot of that.” Foster agrees, “Absolutely. He has opened the business and is trying to be a part of a community he wants to be a part of. He wants to redeem himself.”

Given Quinn’s shady past, not to mention his familial ties to one of the most hated former residents of Salem, is redemption possible? “He gets mixed reactions,” says Foster. “Some people have been accommodating, people like [Abigail] and Melanie; there is a close interaction with Brady.”

While Quinn is fighting for acceptance and redemption, Abigail is fighting to maintain control over her life. “When it rains it pours,” she says of Abby’s life being turned upside down. Not only is Abby struggling with the return of her estranged father, who by the way, her mother is dating along with Daniel Jonas, but her best friend seems to be getting a little too close to her boyfriend. “In your own life, it never feels like you have just one issue. It is a constant juggling game of what’s taking precedent in your life at that time. There are certainly things that are pushed to the side.”

The sudden reappearance of Jack has impacted Abby’s life in a way she didn’t expect. “Her father is a big issue [especially in] her love life. I think something happens to a woman when their father lets them down, and I think that is spilling over into her relationship. She has a lot of grown up issues to deal with.”

As for Chad and Melanie, should Abigail be concerned with their budding friendship? “Should she? I don’t know,” says the actress smiling. “I think that there is potential for that.”

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