Day of Days 2011: An Interview With Patrick Muldoon & Christie Clark


Patrick Muldoon (Austin) and Christie Clark (Carrie) speaks with Soap Opera Source during Days of our Lives fourth annual Day of Days fan event.

After 15+ years apart, Christie Clark and Austin Peck were reunited on-screen as the popular pair returned to Salem as the married Austin & Carrie Reed. A lot has changed in the lives of Austin (last played by Austin Peck) and Carrie in the few short years they were gone. One of the more important is that of their career paths, currently landing them on opposite sides of a case involving John Black. It’s been a struggle for the pair to not allow their professional lives impact their private lives, though it’s creating much internal conflict between them.

Clark says her experience this time around on DAYS is previous than others due to the happenings in her own life. “I appreciate the job more [now] because I have been mommy; cleaning diapers, doing dishes folding laundry. Now I have two or three days a week of working with men like Mr. Muldoon.” The actress says working fits with her professional and personal life. “I love acting. Getting my hair done, and make up, and now we have sixteen weeks off a year. I have the dream job.”

Muldoon recalled an experience during his first go around on DAYS under former head writer, the late James E. Reilly. “I remember walking out on stage and seeing Marlena levitate. I couldn’t see the wires and it was a trip. I thought maybe it was just the NBC coffee,” he joked. It was obvious how much these two old friends often joke with each other. After Patrick said he wished the show would start taping at noon, Christie jokingly replied, “Yes, because that’s when your face wakes up.”

Since their return to Salem, fans have been curious to know if a reunion between Sami and her one true love – err obsession might be on the horizon. Choosing that moment to profess my love of Austin and Sami to Patrick, I got a rather shocked reaction from the actor. “Really?” asked Muldoon surprised.

Clark playfully stated, “I don’t know if I have ever met one of you. Wow.” Muldoon added, “I have only had two people say that to me. Somebody tweeted to me that the true love of Sami’s life was Austin because [she never fully got him]… and I used it in a scene.”

Curious, Clark questioned him “What did you use? That she’s the love of your life too?” Muldoon clarified his response, “No. But we are seeing different shades of Austin now, stuff that I have never played before. [Carrie] was away and paying no attention to Austin and Sami was paying attention to Austin so I had the realization that it might be true.”

“Hold out hope, it could happen” Clark told me as the interview came to a close.

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