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GH Previews: Week of January 2


Will Sam’s pregnancy be a miracle or a nightmare? Michael gets in bed with the Zacchara crime family.


Jason is horrified to learn that he hit Michael. Luckily, neither one of them are injured. But when Michael comes to realize that Jason took part in hiding the fact that Jax is alive, Michael swears off Jason along with his entire family. Later, Jason brushes off Patrick’s care, leveling him that it is actually Robin who needs his attention. Meanwhile, Sam realizes that her period is late. Could Franco have gotten Sam pregnant after all these years? Sam takes a pregnancy test. Patrick busts Robin on her trying to leave town without telling him. She waxes on about an HIV conference in Africa, but Patrick cannot guess the grave reality.

Jason and Sam decide to check in on Michael but are unaware of Franco’s latest threat. Jason has a flashback to the motorcycle accident, and his world comes crashing in on him with Jake’s death and Michael’s accident. Patrick finds Robin looking at her will. Later, Robin asks for Elizabeth’s help in replacing her in Patrick and Emma’s life should anything happen to Robin. Be careful what you wish for, Mrs. Drake. Jason is in an uncontrollable rage, which highly concerns Sam. Later, Michael and Jason exchange heated words in the street as Sam flashes back to the Franco horror. Jason goes to General Hospital and passes out on the spot.


Carly levels Alexis with a question she does not want to answer. Carly gets an earful from Kate. Elizabeth finds Ewen quite intriguing. Matt has a bit of attitude about Elizabeth’s attraction to Ewen. Later, Maxie gets flustered when she sees Matt and Elizabeth looking at “constellations,” as both Spinelli and Ewen look on. Maxie is also jealous of the Woman In White. Lulu and Dante share a romantic moment as husband and wife. Tracy is desperate to get out of the elevator, but Anthony makes a marriage proposal she cannot refuse.

Michael grieves the loss of Abby, and not even Sonny can comfort him. Michael and Johnny play a dangerous game. Sonny and Kate make date plans. Olivia and Kate have a heart to heart about the Corinthos family and dating life. Maggie hopes she and Steve can return to old antics and behaviors, but Johnny has other plans. Jason sets Spinelli and FOS (his social network) to find Franco. Alexis confronts Sonny about Jax – but something else is going on. What does Carly have to do to keep Johnny away from Michael? Lulu moves into Dante’s, leaving Maxie all alone in her apartment. Elizabeth, Monica & Matt share a pleasant eyeful of Ewen.


General Hospital is pre-empted on Monday, January 2nd.

Upset about the most recent news of Jax, Alexis drenches Carly’s mug in champagne on Tuesday, January 3rd.

Olivia sees Maggie pressed against Steve’s chest on Wednesday, January 4th.

Sam feels foreshadowed pangs of fear as Molly shows Ewen a Cassadine family photo album on Thursday, January 5th.

Anthony asks Maxie to plan his and Tracy’s wedding, sparing no expense on Friday, January 6th.

Everyone gathers at the MetroCourt for a big New Year’s Eve bash on Friday, December 30th.


Patrick calls Sam about Jason. Elizabeth makes Robin a promise. Sonny gathers info on Jax. Anthony makes plans. Patrick eavesdrops on Robin & Jason’s conversation. Helena waits at Wyndemere. Carly goes to Luke for a bargaining chip. Steve and Maggie delve into their past. Sonny and Johnny face off. Sam hopes for a miracle. Elizabeth and Patrick have a heart-to-heart.

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