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Bryan Dattilo Dishes On Returning to ‘DAYS’


Bryan Dattilo

Bryan Dattilo (Lucas, DAYS) talks about his return to Days of Our Lives and if there’s a chance for a “Lumi” reunion.

Bryan DattiloIt’s been almost two years since Bryan Dattilo (Lucas Horton) has been on Days of our Lives. After the collapse of Lucas’ marriage to Chloe, he was written out, only returning for a brief time in June 2010. Since then, fans have been very adamant about wanting the fan favorite to return and this month they get their wish! In December, DAYS announced Dattilo would return as part of the show’s “reset”.

Lucas returns to a much different Salem than the one he left. His ex-wife Sami’s marriage to Rafe is on the rocks, his brother (and at times rival) Austin is back in town, and his son Will is spiraling out of control. Will Lucas be able to help his family get back on track? Could Lucas and Sami find their way back to each other?

TVSource Magazine: What’s it like being back on the show?

Bryan Dattilo: It’s great. It’s kind of like being in high school all over again — you’ve seen everyone you used to know after not seeing them for a while — basically nobody changes so it’s kind of cool. It’s been like a timewarp, like a Twilight Zone episode. It’s been really fun. We have a lot of work to do so to kind of be back after a rest, to have all that workout, we’re all on the same island with getting used to the dialogue again. It’s been entertaining.

TVSource Magazine: Have you worked with Patrick Muldoon (Austin) yet?

Dattilo: I’ve been in scenes with him. We’ve had a couple of exchanges where we see each other and say what’s up. And that’s kind of weird because he’s always called me Lucas anyway. When I first saw him again after like 10 years the first thing he says to me, [perfectly imitating Patrick Muldoon] “Dude Lucas! What’s up?” And I’m like “Dude, my name is Bryan. Don’t know you know that by now?” [Laughs]. He’s cool. He’s done a really good job and he’s got a lot of really good storyline with Christie Clark, who is another great person to see.

TVSource Magazine: How have has life on set changed since the last time you were on the show?

Dattilo: The shooting schedule is a lot different because we take a week off every month now.  Having to shoot so much in a couple of weeks is a bit challenging. It’s hard to feel totally satisfied when you come home from work because you’ve barely had enough time to get it to the point where they’ll take it. It’s been a challenge to do the dialogue since the pace is a little faster, but I think it’s a cleaner show.

Not that the writing was ever dirty — it’s clearer. These characters have been involved with each other for so long, there’s so much history between these people.  It’s been fun to kind of update it and make it fresh. I think the writers and producers have done a really good job making it fresh. Even though it’s the same people, it’s different. Everyone has a renewed energy about working.

I think it’s going to improve the ratings a lot and rekindle the loyalty the fans have for the show. Hopefully the show will be on a long time because of that.

TVSource Magazine:  Your fans were very vocal in wanting you to return ever since you left. Do you feel they played a part in Days of our Lives asking you to come back?

Dattilo: I think fans don’t realize just how much power they actually have. When you have loyal fans that stood up like mine did, that’s probably the thing that brought me back.  I just appreciate it so much. I feel a sense of obligation to do the best work possible so they don’t look like idiots for asking me to return.  I believe the producers value what the fans think, so thank you to all of my fans.

Plus they’ve been sending me all kinds of goodies – cakes, cookies, balloons and flowers. All of that stuff is really cool and flattering. It lets other people know that you’re wanted. That goes a long way. Thank you.

TVSource Magazine: How long is Lucas sticking around? Is your return open ended?

Dattilo: I’m hopeful I can stick around for a while. It’s the kind of thing where you really have to bring your “A” game every day. Soap operas are dropping left and right so it’s a really hard thing to tell how long it’s going to last or how long I’m going to last. But I’m going to strive to do the best work I can and last as long as I can. Hopefully it’ll elongate my run. I know I’m on board as long as they need me and as long as there’s a show. I can only be prepared and do the best I can and hopefully stick around.

TVSource Magazine: What has Lucas been up to since leaving Salem?

Dattilo: Lucas went to Hong Kong and ran a division of Kate’s company Hearth and Home. He encountered a young lady and comes back with some attachments to a lady in Hong Kong. He’s been busy — eating a lot of brown rice [Laughs], working on his Mandarin and learning world power economics and trade. He’s coming back a pretty smart guy who could help a lot of people if they just use him.

TVSource Magazine: What brings him back to town?

Dattilo: Sami of course. She’s having trouble in her life and she thinks his kids need him. Being there for Will and Ally is a huge thing for Lucas when he comes back. I think that Sami is kind of at her wits end with her relationship [with Rafe]. Sami always cycles men so I think she’s in a down cycle. He tries to be there for her when he comes back to Salem so that can only stir up trouble [Laughs].

TVSource Magazine: With Sami’s marriage falling apart and Will spiraling out of control, now is the perfect time for Lucas to rebuild the family he’s always wanted. Is there a chance Lucas and Sami could grow closer during this trying time?

Dattilo: You can never count Sami and Lucas out as a couple entirely. There’s always that sexual tension lingering in the air. Whenever they get mad at each other they usually want to have some make up love [Laughs]. You never know.

There are a lot of obstacles in their way and there are a lot of things they’re preoccupied with. So who knows? It’s the kind of thing you have to tune in to see to believe. And if you miss it you’re going to hear about it and wish you saw it and watched it unfold. It’s going to be fun. It’ll be fun for the people who’ve rooted for them in the past and for the people who don’t. I think everyone is going to have it both ways.

Bryan Dattilo first airs on Wednesday, February 29.

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  1. Bryan’s return is the best thing to happen to DAYS.  He has been so missed and he is so respected.  The LUMI scenes alone will be a sight for sore eyes–BUT also seeing Lucas with his family will be spectactular!!

  2. Whooo! So excited! Looking forward to some awesome Lumi, Lucas & Austin, Lucas & Kate, Ally & Lucas, Will & Lucas, and whatever that Horton mystery is. Whoo! Lucas!

  3. Bryan, welcome back! Once a Lumi fan, ALWAYS a Lumi fan. 

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