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GH Previews: Week of February 6


Carly is hit by big news — not only does she have a new business partner at the MetroCourt, but she learns Sam is pregnant with Jason’s baby!


Sonny is caught off guard when Kate returns in the middle of the night, wondering where has she been and what has she been doing?  Maxie’s need to make Matt jealous by exploiting Spinelli falls short. Spinelli ponders Elizabeth’s mystery rescuer, but does Elizabeth finally realize it could be Ewen?  Meanwhile, Ewen brings Ethan up to speed on Cassandra’s past. Robin learns whether her third new drug protocol is working.  Kate is about to come clean when Sonny inadvertently shows his cards when it comes to Jax.  Later, Kate levels Carly with some business news. Michael and Carly discuss their relationship. Michael has an effect on TJ.  Maxie and Matt remain at odds over his friendship with Elizabeth. Elizabeth and Ewen begin to grow closer. Lulu seizes a job opportunity at the PCPD organizing the evidence room.  Johnny believes he can help a jumpy Delores. Jason and Sam talk their future family and make love. Carly is furious with Kate, meanwhile Olivia is shocked.  Now the question is, how will Sonny react when he discovers Kate’s contact with Jax?  Diane gifts Alexis a book on menopause, but Alexis wonders what happened between her and Mac. Ethan and Cassandra do a blindfold taste test, hoping to evoke past memories.

Sam ponders a different future with the baby. Another gift from Franco is delivered, invoking another neurological episode within Jason. Sonny, Kate and Carly meet up at the MetroCourt – and news of Jax comes to light.  Sonny loses it on Kate.  Elsewhere, Johnny loses it on Anthony – just as Carly arrives to calm him down.  As Maxie plots with Spinelli, Matt rolls his eyes at Ewen’s moves on Elizabeth.  But at day’s end, Matt has had enough of Maxie’s antics – are they finally breaking up? Jason and Sam discuss how Carly will react when she learns Sam is pregnant. Monica stops by the penthouse. Alexis, Molly and Sam get excited about the baby!  Carly gives supportive counsel to Johnny. Dante and Delores talk about Sonny.  Delores calls Johnny for help while Carly and Johnny build to lovemaking. A hurt Maxie tattletales to Monica, who just happens to be Matt and Elizabeth’s boss.


Jason and Sam discuss their future as the DNA results arrive on Monday, February 6.

Maxie and Matt share an unintentional double date with Elizabeth and Ewen on Tuesday, February 7

Robin calls Maggie and Steve out on their past and more of the details of their time in Memphis is revealed on Wednesday, February 8.

Robin, Patrick and Emma visit the plot of land for their future dream home to be built upon on Thursday, February 9.

Cameron calls Elizabeth out for running Lucky off and Ewen runs interference on Friday, February 10.


Sam asks Jason to make an important decision. Carly and Johnny are caught up in the moment. Robin, Patrick and Emma get a visit from Anna at home. Dante makes a damaging allegation. Robin and Patrick enjoy some short-lived happiness. Much of the town gathers at the MetroCourt for the Pulmonary Research Benefit.

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  1. No wonder GH sucks and is in last place:
    The January episode count.
    1. Maurice Benard (Sonny Corinthos) – 182. Steve Burton (Jason Morgan) – 173. Brandon Barash (Johnny Zacchara) – 16* Kelly Monaco (Sam McCall) – 165. Jen Lilley (Maxie Jones) – 13* Laura Wright (Carly Jacks) – 137. Nathin Butler (Ewen Keenan) – 12* Chad Duell (Michael Corinthos) – 12* Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth Webber) – 12* Nathan Parsons (Ethan Lovett) – 12* Bruce Weitz (Anthony Zacchara) – 1212. Bradford Anderson (Damien Spinelli) – 11

  2. Surfing in from the DD link just to say so far FV’s produced eppys have sucked so far, especially Friday’s eppy.  Robin’s dying, M&M is still getting dumped on for loser Spinelli, Too much Skate, JaSam is being written boring —-  GH is a mess. 

  3. i wish maxie/matt were on the bold and beautiful where they would get proper writing for them as a couple. they are the only interesting pair on this show to me plus they have great personalities. i’m about fed up with this show too.

  4. If Matt & Maxie break up,  I’m done watching this show!  It just keeps getting worse and worse for a M&M fan and I’m sick of it!

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