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GH Previews: Week of February 20


Robin’s exit storyline unfolds as Emmy winner Kimberly McCullough prepares to leave General Hospital.


Michael is shocked to discover an unauthorized party at the lakehouse as well as a drunk, unconscious Molly! Jason asks Spinelli to research Franco’s recent DVD gift. Carly goes home with Johnny. Michael watches over a recovering Molly until Alexis comes home, and Molly makes a surprising statement.

Sam makes a decision about whether or not to tell Jason about what has transpired at the hospital. Later, Sam has an important request for Patrick. Olivia realizes Kate is more shaken by the events than she lets on. Carly and Johnny get close, only for Shawn to interrupt. Anna speaks to Mac and makes a very important call. Shawn admits his romantic interest in Carly. Tracy, Edward and Anthony discuss the Soleito mob past and Sonny Corinthos. Sonny turns up at the Quartermaines, looking for Anthony. Anna works on bringing Patrick to reason. Tracy surprises everyone. Kate wonders if she blacked out. Helena’s master plan is revealed which includes Luke.


As Carly seeks out Johnny, someone is about to murder Dante on Monday, February 20th.

Sonny wants payback for Dante’s attempted murder on Tuesday, February 21st.

Patrick speaks to Anna, and his pain quickly turns to anger on Wednesday, February 22nd.

Ewen discovers Kate as Helena Cassadine appears with a dagger on Thursday, February 23rd.

Anthony drives into oncoming traffic on Friday, February 24th.


Sam, Patrick and Monica work to keep a secret from Jason. Michael brings Starr Manning to General Hospital. Holly Sutton and Robert Scorpio return to Port Charles.

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  1. This show has ruined my favorite two characters Matt Hunter and Maxie Jones so badly it would take a small miracle to get me to watch GH live again.

  2. It is a shame that Robin is leaving the show. I makes me so mad at the same time sad. She is one of the best STARS on General Hospital. I have watched her ever sent she came onto the show. And I was so happy when she came back. She will be missed . Thank You Kimberly McCullough for giving us the best of General Hospital. We hate to see you go. But I hope that what ever you do in life will bring you joy.

  3. I think that Robin leaving the show is the wrong move. I don’t get it she is one of the best stars on the SHOW. I could just sit and cry to know she won’t be on General Hospital she will be missed

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