B&B Previews: Week of March 19

Kim Matula and Katherine Kelly Lang

Hope admits to Dr. Stacy that Brooke’s sexual behavior has deeply scarred her.


Monday – Hope divulges to Brooke how she was able to deal with her intimacy issues. Steffy’s feelings are hurt by Liam, and he feels guilty. Taylor and Brooke bicker about their daughters. Bill makes another plea to Liam.

Tuesday – Liam is less than enthusiastic while telling Katie and Bill about his night with Hope. Eric and Stephanie tell Brooke and Ridge that they are now legally married. Hope admits to Dr. Stacy that her mother’s sexual behavior has deeply scarred her.

Wednesday – Brooke reveals to Katie the reason for Hope’s angst. Hope’s anxiety about her image being tarnished is exacerbated when a fan confronts her. Marcus invites his family and friends to Dayzee’s to share a momentous occasion.

Thursday – Hope and Liam agree to be more discrete about their relationship until his divorce is finalized. Stephanie raises some questions that cause Brooke to go on the defensive. Marcus and Dayzee bask in their joy.

Friday – Hope learns that a photo from a private moment has been leaked to the tabloids. Ridge offers Hope radical advice. Bill and Liam discuss how to handle the media. Bill sends an update to Steffy.