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DAYS Previews: Week of March 19


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Abigail confesses that her “affair” with Austin was a lie; EJ has Abe and Jennifer arrested; Rafe and Nicole bond over their issues with Sami and EJ.


Rafe and Nicole bond over their relationship woes. Abigail tries to find Austin to tell him the truth. Everyone finds out the truth about Austin and Abigail. EJ’s first act as mayor is to have Abe and Jennifer arrested. Ian attempts to make-nice with Madison. Jack bails a thankful Jennifer out of jail. Carrie blasts Abigail for her lying and deception. Kate confronts Sami about spying for Madison. John calls Stefano’s bluff too quickly. Lucas cautions Will about giving off the wrong impression. Rafe tells Sami it’s time to acknowledge their marriage is over.

Monday – Rafe checks on Nicole and finds out she’s pregnant. Abe tries to repair the damage done to his marriage. Daniel and Billie work out together. Abe learns Theo doesn’t want to see him.

Tuesday – Rafe and Nicole bond over their predicament with EJ and Sami. EJ misreads a situation between Nicole and Rafe. Gabi drops by Chad’s place with exciting news. Abigail decides to tell Austin the truth, but she gets interrupted.

Wednesday – Tension escalates at the pub as everyone learns Austin slept with Abigail and Carrie has feelings for Rafe. EJ’s first act as mayor is to have Abe and Jennifer arrested for ballot tampering. Billie is intrigued by Ian, but Kate warns her to stay away.

Thursday – Abigail’s parents overhear her and Austin discussing the night they made love, and then Abigail confesses the truth. Rafe brings Nicole some food and assures her he has no agenda. Kate slowly lowers the boom on Sami and reveals she knows she’s the mole.

Friday – Carrie is shocked when she learns Abigail lied. Austin asks Carrie if their relationship still has a chance. Kate tells Sami she’s going to let her twist in the wind before calling the police and removing her children. Lucas’ comments rattle Will.


Sami confides in EJ about her marriage, and later confronts Rafe about Nicole. Will talks to Marlena about his sexuality.

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