The Bold & The Beautiful Previews: Week of April 9

Adam Gregory

Rick and Thomas compete for Caroline’s attention and affections; Hope’s behavior worries Liam.


Monday – Rick and Thomas compete for Caroline’s attention poolside. Liam becomes concerned about Hope’s erratic behavior and mood swings. Amber amps up her pursuit of Rick.

Tuesday – Hope’s prescription drug use puts her life in jeopardy. Stephanie and Steffy share good news with each other. Amber raises Dayzee’s suspicions. Rick captivates Caroline with his charm and flattery.

Wednesday – Amber convinces Hope to confide in her. Liam opens up to Steffy after he and Hope have an argument. Hope makes a startling confession to Liam.

Thursday – Hope explains her situation to Liam and reveals a vulnerable truth. Taylor and Hope discuss the PR nightmare that Hope has caused for Forrester Creations. Amber informs Brooke that Hope may be addicted to prescription medication.

Friday – Amber shows up at Liam’s house looking for Hope, and he gives her a stern warning to stay away. Dr. Barton delivers stunning news to Hope. Pam and Donna are offered the same position at Forrester Creations.