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The Young & The Restless Previews: Week of April 16

Melody Thomas Scott

Victor and Nikki reveal their newest significant others to their families!


Billy turns down Phyllis and Ricky’s pitch for a story.

Victor and Genevieve mix business and pleasure.

Victoria is shocked when she learns it was Adam who saved Chelsea.

Jack and Nikki’s passions are rekindled.

Victor crashes baby John’s welcome-home party

Phyllis suspects that Ricky has betrayed her.

Ricky pulls a fast one on Phyllis

New relationships shock Genoa City, as Victor’s decision stuns Nick and Sharon.

Nikki reveals her own shocking relationship.

Neil discovers Sofia’s lies, while Phyllis and Avery clash over memories of their father.

Neil and Harmony’s attraction proves irresistible.

Ricky and Daisy scheme to take Lucy away from Daniel.

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  • i would love to see more scenes with nick & sharon getting along.  they should get back together
    because they have so much chemistry.