The Bold & The Beautiful Previews: Week of April 16

Adrienne Frantz

Amber steps up her plan to keep Caroline away from Rick, but will it backfire?


Monday – Marcus comes to Hope’s rescue; Bill and Liam get into an argument after Bill overhears Liam and Hope’s private conversation; Bill encourages Steffy not to give up on Liam; Amber becomes concerned about the pills she’s been giving Hope.

Tuesday – Brooke organizes a photo shoot for Rick and Caroline; Steffy becomes sympathetic toward Hope and surprises Bill; Amber makes a shocking confession to Hope, and then strikes up a deal with her.

Wednesday – Amber hatches a new plan when she realizes what Brooke is up to; Donna and Pam trade barbs as they attempt to one up each other in their new position; Thomas and Rick compete for Caroline’s affections and the opportunity to work with her.

Thursday – Rick suspects Amber had something to do with Caroline canceling their dinner date; Steffy and Thomas share much needed catch-up time; Thomas creates a romantic dinner for Caroline; Steffy takes advantage of a situation with Liam during Hope’s absence.

Friday – Liam returns home and finds Hope passed out on the couch; Thomas and Caroline discuss past romances; Liam becomes furious with Amber; Caroline and Thomas share their first kiss.



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  1. Steffy sympathetic towards Hope, Bill was right Steffy truly is One in a Million. 

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