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Days of our Lives Previews: Week of April 16


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Stefano’s plans for revenge has major implications on the lives of EJ, Kate, Ian and Sami!


Stefano pulls out an envelope containing information about EJ. Will reveals his sexuality to Gabi. Ian talks to Madison about his decision regarding their marriage. EJ wants to partner up with Sami in her new business venture. Carrie confides in Rafe about her feelings for him. Ian wants to assemble the troops against Sami and Stefano.

Stefano reveals that he knows about Kate’s secret. Bo reacts to Hope’s voice by moving his hand. Lexie and EJ grow closer when they talk about their father and Lexie’s illness. Kate lashes out at Sami over what Stefano has done. EJ finds out what Stefano has done to Kate. Spencer informs John and Hope that he has decoded the gold coin. Gabi blames herself for Will being gay. Madison learns that Sami is charge of CW.

Monday – Hope reacts to Bo having moved his hand; Stefano reveals to Kate that he knows about her betrayal; EJ confronts Billie when he catches her snooping; EJ is devastated when Lexie reveals she has a brain tumor; Abigail helps Cameron wait tables.

Tuesday – Sami gloats in front of Kate regarding a recent turn of events; EJ informs Sami of Lexie’s condition; Hope convinces Daniel to bring Bo out of his medically induced coma; Marlena continues to express her anger over John working with the ISA.

Wednesday – Stefano gives Hope and John a deadline for returning his coin to him; Will reveals to Gabi that he’s gay; Chad and Melanie invite Abigail and Cameron to an outdoor movie; things get awkward when Austin and Carrie run into Nicole and Rafe at the pub.

Thursday – EJ and Kate confront Stefano; Ian stuns Madison by agreeing to give her a divorce; Stefano throws Kate out of the mansion; Gabi blames herself for Will being gay; Madison asks Brady if his marriage proposal is still on the table.

Friday – EJ wants to partner up with Sami in her new business venture; Carrie confides in Rafe about her feelings for him; Lucas finds Kate and Ian together; Madison learns Sami is now in charge of Countess Wilhelmina.


Sami and Lucas rekindle their romance! Stefano comes close to showing EJ his birth certificate. John and Marlena are attacked!

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  1. Go Lumi! Days writers need to keep them together this time. Bryan and Ali have the best chemisty. Please no EJ and Sami.

  2. sami & lucas make an adorable couple. they have alot of chemistry and have never fallen out of love..

  3. Enjoy this now before the new regime comes in and ruins all of this. Don’t fix what’s not broken!

  4. Sami and Lucas? Really? they’re so much better off as friends

  5. Sami and Lucas are getting back together!!! Omg take that Ejami fans!

  6. The show is getting good!!!

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