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General Hospital Previews: Week of April 23


Rebecca Herbst

Liz finds Ewen in trouble and a horrified Kate regains control.


Assuming Johnny forced himself on Kate, Sonny decides to takes matters into his own hands. After setting fire to his memories, Sonny comes to a realization with Carly. Speaking of Carly, what does she get an eyeful of that makes her so angry she decides to fight fire with fire? Does it have anything to do with Johnny having regrets?

Jason and Sam attend Sonny’s birthday party where Alexis sets Jason off. Jason confronts Sam and demands that she be honest with him. What’s causing the conflict to rise between these two? Is it that they are both confiding in people other than each other?



Dante grows concerned when Lulu doesn’t show up at Sonny’s party and he has trouble reaching her. Who does he confront and why? McBain has another confrontation with Sonny and later Anna advises him where Sam is concerned.  After her original plan to get away from Anthony fails, Tracy hatches a new one and enlists the help of Luke. Can he stop her before she makes a fatal mistake? Those closest to her try to get Maxie to admit her innocence, but she has other plans. Can the return of Felicia help Maxie?

Olivia receives important news about Steve from Heather on Monday, April 23.

What does Liz reveal to Jason on Tuesday, April 24?

Heather listens as Dante and Olivia talk about Steve on Wednesday, April 25.

Ewen makes Kate consider her future on Thursday, April 26.

Patrick tries to shut the world out on Friday, April 27.

Next Week…

Dante gets a surprise. Jason questions Sonny. Starr steals from Johnny. Sam is in trouble. What’s up with the Haunted Star?

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  1. my understanding so far is that is purely spinelli’s assumption and while Maxie thinks it could be Matt as well no spoiler has out and out said that Matt is in fact the one who killed lisa. The truth is we don’t know who did.

  2.  What the show is lacking is love and romance. If we had a woman writing the show we’d have that and not with stupid unbelievable couples like Johnny/Carly, Sonny/Kate or Spin/Maxie. 

  3. Oh, please lucky and Liz is boring as he’ll! Liz and Ewen or Jason have better chemistry than Liz and lucky! Liz needs a man who doesn’t run away when things get tough!

  4. Hey I’m still waiting on good old Ron to give Maxie-Matt a storyline like he said they were going to get on Twitter. Funny thing is that was three weeks ago and I haven’t seen anything close to a storyline for M&M.  Where is our storyline Ron??   And I bet we can all play the drinking game on how many time Felicia pimps Spinelli as the greatest guy in PC.  Such a waste, arghh…

  5. Oh, yeah…Liason!!!

  6. Liz finds Ewen in trouble???Bring back JJ so Liz will have someone she have some chemistry with.

  7. um well if carlivati makes matt the killer of lisa that will be my last day watching this contrived bullcrap. he’s such a lazy writer!

  8. I am loving GH right now the writing is so much better. I think that GH is still bleeding fans  because a certain pairing is still front and center along with the addition of Star Manning not a Star fan. I love the Kate/Connie s/l.

    GH has to gain back the confidence of their fans Frons really did destroy the show forcing unpopular parings to continue and to let 2 HWs hack up the show. I see changes and I love them but many are still skeptical that things will change. The ratings are not going to rebound overnight but I do think that they will get better. I stopped watching for 3 years but started back when RC became HW, the man can write.

  9. Garin Wolf started the Kate/Connie story.

  10. GH just dropped in ratings again, RC has lost 500,000 viewers since he’s talking over as HW.  Nobody wants to watch fan faves like Sam Morgan giving birth to Franco’s baby or Matt Hunter being set up as Lisa’s murderer. Or watch a repeat of the Tess/Jess in the mirror ala Kate/Connie.  GH is just embarrassing.

  11. Omg, they make the exciting. What would a hosp SL be? Nurse: plz bring files to nurses station…doc: let me watch u walk away (as nurse bends over to pick up dropped files) hahaha

  12. Can we please get some hospital stories again!  This show is called General Hospital!  Give Patrick and Matt and the rest of the hospital people a storyline!  I hate Sonny, Kate, Spinelli and Starr !

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