The Bold & The Beautiful Previews: Week of April 23

Hunter Tylo

Taylor works with Bill to reunite Steffy and Liam; Thomas is determined to win Caroline’s affection.


Monday – Liam lays out a workable plan so that he, Hope, and Steffy can attend Fashion Week. Hope denounces her friendship with Amber. Steffy remembers the good times she and Liam shared. Bill blackmails an employee to do his bidding.

Tuesday – Rick convinces Caroline to crash a meeting with him at Forrester Creations. Hope makes a confession to her mother. Brooke asks Liam to take special care of Hope. Ridge gives an ultimatum to Pam and Donna.

Wednesday – Ramona and Oliver put Bill’s plan into action. Steffy takes advantage of an opportunity to tell Liam her true feelings. Brooke asks Bill not to sabotage her daughter’s future.

Thursday – Brooke spills the beans about Hope’s drug use to Rick. Justin attempts to get Bill to call off his troops. Steffy confides in Ramona about her desire to win Liam’s heart back. Hope panics when the paparazzi surround her.

Friday – A frightened Hope tries to dodge photographers. Liam spends time sharing memories with Steffy. Rick demands that Othello get Hope to safety. Steffy spots Hope and becomes adamant to Ramona that they help her.