Days of our Lives Previews: Week of April 23

Arianne Zucker

Nicole’s feelings for EJ have a complication — and his name is Rafe Hernandez. Stefano blames himself for Lexi’s illness; Lucas and Sami grow closer.


Nicole gives EJ an ultimatum. Lexie and Cameron bond over Lexie’s illness. Nicole is taken to the hospital. John reveals the mysterious code they found on Stefano’s coin. Lucas teams up with Sami to go against Kate and Madison. Nicole realizes that Rafe is the person she wants to be with. EJ tries to convince Nicole that they could be great together.

Stefano feels guilty and responsible for Lexie’s illness. Gabi reveals that she’s being stalked. Celeste warns Cameron to stay away from Abigail. Stefano comes close to showing EJ his birth certificate. John and Marlena get attacked! Sami and Lucas rekindle their romance.  

Monday – EJ tells Nicole he’s determined to win her back. Austin confronts Carrie about her feelings for Rafe. Ian buys Kate a new wardrobe. Sami tells Lucas she has a proposition for him. Lexie meets with a specialist. Sami drops a bombshell. Lucas gets bad news. Will Rafe come clean to Carrie about his relationship with Nicole? Nicole agrees to reconcile with EJ…as long as they leave Salem.

Tuesday – Stefano feels responsible for Lexie’s illness. Kate is a comfort to Stefano. Nicole rescinds her offer to EJ when she realizes he isn’t truly committed to leave. Sami offers Lucas a job. John, Hope, Bo and Marlena learn the ISA has cracked part of the code on Stefano’s coin.

Wednesday – Daniel treats Nicole at the hospital. Abe vows to kill Stefano. Nicole’s dream life with EJ may not be the life she actually wants. Nicole realizes she has feelings for Rafe. Gabi reveals she’s being stalked. Abigail comforts Cameron after she learns that Lexi is ill. Celeste is disturbed by what she sees in Abigail’s future, warning her son to stay clear of the young Deveraux. Abe vows to kill Stefano.

Thursday – Stefano is consumed with guilt. EJ confronts his father about being responsible for Lexi’s brain tumor. Daniel encourages Nicole to come clean to EJ about her pregnancy. Nicole stakes her claim to Rafe with Carrie. Chad and Melanie put their trip on hold to help Gabi with her stalker. Madison and Brady consult with Justin. Carrie is crushed.  Abigail has suspicions about Gabi’s stalker.

Friday – Sami and Lucas have a family outing with Will and Allie. Billie taunts EJ. Bo returns home from the hospital. Stefano demands the return of his coin. Bo learns that John and Hope are still married. John and Marlena get attacked. Bo and Hope make an important decision about Ciara. Lucas and Sami share a kiss! A mysterious person watches as Bo and Hope make love.


Charles Shaughnessy returns as Shane Donovan on May 3. Things heat up between Sami and Lucas! EJ discovers a document containing life-changing information. An explosion shakes Salem.



  1. Stefano’s known for kiddnapping kids, Ej probably not his. I think the shows going for a Nichole/Ej/Rafe story line meaning Lucas and Sami should be safe to be together for a while. :)

  2. Not too excited about this week. Too much EJ begging Nicole and Lucas/Sami part 23948298 didn’t interest me the first time around. They’re like watching a brother and sister hang out. I am excited to see Shane returning and very curious to see what document EJ finds…I’d be surprised if he finds out he’s not Stefano’s so soon but who knows at this point!

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