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Days of our Lives Previews: Week of April 30


Drake Hogestyn and Deidre Hall

John and Marlena & Bo and Hope are moved to a safehouse; An explosion rocks Salem.


Kate and Sami face off over Lucas. A familiar face returns to Salem to save the day. EJ discovers a document containing life-changing information. An explosion shakes Salem. Lucas manages to save a CW account. Ian reassures Kate about his intentions. Marlena, John, Bo, Hope are moved to a safe house. Brady learns that Nicole is pregnant. EJ confronts Stefano about the election. Rafe surprises Carrie with some good news. Things heat up between Sami and Lucas. Madison brings Ian the divorce papers.

Marlena is held at knifepoint on Monday, April 30.

Things heat up between Sami and Lucas on Wednesday, May 2.

Monday – Marlena is held at knifepoint. John, Marlena, Bo and Hope are moved to a safe house. Sami and Lucas share another kiss. Madison asks Justin to handle her divorce. Kate and Madison decide to put their differences aside in order to bring down Sami.

Tuesday – Agt. Harmon speaks with a bomb expert regarding plans for the safe house. EJ observes Sami and Lucas kissing. Brady learns that Nicole is pregnant. EJ discovers a document containing life-changing information.

Wednesday – Things heat up between Sami and Lucas. Rafe notices a glitch in the alarm system at the safe house. Kate informs Roman that she’s been ousted by Stefano. EJ confronts Stefano after discovering the letter about his paternity.

Thursday – Roman brings Shane Donovan to help with the situation at the safe house. Brady learns that Kate and Ian are a couple. Lexie tells Chad about her tumor, but EJ doesn’t tell either of them about his true paternity. Madison hands Ian divorce papers.

Friday – The people in the safe house try to build a “blast wall”. Carrie and Rafe kiss. A mysterious man meets with Ian. Sami sees that EJ is a wreck and asks him to spend an evening with her and the kids. Ian invites Brady to share a friendly drink with him.


EJ and Sami are on the verge of a kiss. Will prepares to come out to Lucas. Shane decides to bring Billie into his operation.

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  1. Sami and Lucas are BFF’s who are rebounding & they shouldn’t be in relationships with anyone right now.

  2. Marlena’s cheated on Roman with John and then cheated on John with Roman.

    I think Alice & Austin are the only characters who haven’t cheated. LOL

  3. If it was ridden into the ground it was because of Higley and her crew. MarDar tried to repair it but some folks couldn’t keep their fingers out of the pie.

  4. Sami and EJ’s almost kisses are hotter, sexier and sweeter than any other couples having sex!

    Whoo Hoo bring the slow burn. :D

  5. Excited for Will about to come out to Lucas too. I can’t wait for those scenes. Love Will’s s/l.

  6. No one does amost kisses like EJami. It will be pure hotness. I’m so excited. EJami are the “it” couple.  They are magic together. Love these spoilers thanks Ryan. 

  7. Sami and EJ’s almost kiss love it. Exicted to see where this leads.

  8. Ummm, NO to ej & sami “almost” kiss. Hopefully I can find out exactly what day this is so I can be sure to stay away. Sorry but I hate ej & sami and never, ever want to see them together. 

  9. Hey, people, time to stop throwing hissy fits and get behind this soap before it’s gone, just like all the others. 

  10. Wow this show is in major trouble. I have little hope for it. Good luck NBC MarDar rode it into the ground.

  11. OMG!! EJAMI!!! Can’t wait to see the EJ/Sami scenes and the almost kiss! Love the slow build and sexual tension! So excited!! 

  12. If I was a fan of any of the guys on this show I’d want them far away from Sami. Once a cheater always a cheater. So sad that all these hunks are wasted in her SLs

  13. So excited to see more EJ & Sami interaction Its been such a long time Thanks for the preview

  14. So Sami makes love to Lucas  one week and is on the verge of a kiss with EJ the next.  This is why this show sucks.  Sami is a slut and she leads men on.  Go kiss that man you shot in the head Sami.  If you can’t kill him, I guess you can screw him. 

  15. This show needs to focus on someone other then Sami. She’s trash and its not the least bit belevable for her to have several hunks in her orbit.

  16. Wow this show keeps playing all the fanbases. NOT IMPRESSED.

  17. Ejami are the “It” couple of the decade. Love them.

  18. Omg an EJami kiss? I can’t wait! They’re do amazing together. Everything and everyone else fades into the scenery. I’m do excited.

  19. Sounds great! Bring on EJami!!!

  20. Love the EJami spoilers!! So excited!

  21. Im not down with the Ej/Sami/Lucas story line, either pick one or neither but stop recycleing stories! Its old and done and ppl are just tired of it.

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