Young and the Restless Previews: Week of May 21

Peter Porte

Ricky tries to use Christine and Danny to gather the dirt he needs to destroy Phyllis; Will Nikki accept Jack’s proposal?


  • Nikki must decide about Jack’s marriage proposal
  • Danny offers surprising advice
  • Christine turns the tables on Ricky after he attempts to fish for information about Phyllis
  • Sharon and Victor’s relationship advances
  • Nikki accepts Jack’s proposal
  • Ricky deceives Danny to get details about Phyllis
  • Danny is uneasy about Ricky’s motives
  • Cane faces an impossible choice after talking with Christine
  • Jack’s success makes Victor furious
  • Phyllis realizes it was Ricky who was questioning Danny
  • Kay gives Neil marriage advice
  • Sofia makes her own decision about her marriage to Neil
  • Christine tells Paul that Ricky is obsessed with Phyllis
  • On the anniversary of Cassie’s death, the Newmans pay tribute to her memory
  • Daniel struggles with painful memories on the anniversary of Cassie’s death
  • Ricky gets a call from a college friend about Paul’s investigation
  • Past conflicts cause fresh pain between Phyllis and Danny
  • Cane contemplates betraying Genevieve to save his family.