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General Hospital Previews: Week of May 21


Dante finds Lulu at the scene of a crime; Sonny and Todd face off… AGAIN.


Connie admits to setting Sonny up. Kate re-emerges with amnesia. Later she is taken to Shadybrook where Olivia comes to comfort her. While Kate is in Shadybrook, Sonny and Alexis try to figure out what to do about her confession. Speaking of Alexis, she finds out a troubling piece of information about her eldest daughter from an odd source. Alexis is also trouble by Kristina’s disappearance from college and is later surprised when she arrives at home.

Jason accidentally happens upon Sam’s Lamaze class. He later confesses to Liz that he misses Sam, but he’s still conflicted about raising Franco’s child. Later, Molly catches Jason and Liz in a hug. Sam is unhappy about Jason’s closeness with Liz and to further add to the awkwardness of the situation, Molly suggests Jason accompany Sam to Lamaze class. As they move toward reconciliation, Jason and Sam are confronted by a reporter with a cover story about their honeymoon.

In the land of courtroom drama… Spinelli tries to convince Matt to come forward. Felicia tries to change Maxie’s mind. Michael and Starr run into each other at the PCPD. Later, Michael refuses to testify against Starr, leaving her to wonder why.


Anthony hopes for reconciliation with Johnny, but the Zacchara men remain at odds. Todd and Carly get past the tension of Starr’s arraignment. Sonny and Carly surprisingly agree about something. Johnny gets a visitor. Tracy gets a surprise when she arrives at the boathouse. Upon learning that Franco is one of them, Edward, Tracy and Monica discuss ELQ.

Carly is not ready to let go of Johnny on Monday, May 21.

McBain confides in Tea about Sam on Tuesday, May 22.

Felicia gets comfort from Anna on Wednesday, May 23.

Luke is taken aback on Thursday, May 24.

Jason finds himself in trouble on Friday, May 25.


Jason reaches out to Liz. Spinelli is left with a broken heart. Sam and Tea receive assistance from an unlikely source. Todd has a surprising encounter.

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  1. Love seeing that Dante and Lulu start off the preview! Great photo of DZ accompanying this article! Just love, love, love Mr.& Mrs. Falconeri on GH!!!!

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