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General Hospital Previews: Week of June 18


Luke and Anna wake up in bed together; The Davis girls gather for a sad occasion; Kate comes clean to Sonny.


Heather is a busy bee this week as she looks for a job, confident she will land one at The Sun. Now, what could make her think that was possible? Could it be that dirty little secret she holds over Todd? Speaking of that dirty little secret, Spinelli continues his investigation into Heather for Olivia with a little help from Sam. What leads them to Todd’s hotel room?

Luke and Anna wake up in bed together. Surprise! Guess who walks in? Who will Luke choose? While he tries to figure it out, both Anna and Tracy plan a romantic evening with him. And while both ladies wonder where Luke is, Anna admits to Tracy that she wants a relationship with Luke. How is Tracy going to react to Anna? Wait a minute. Where is Luke?

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Jason apologizes for his behavior. But, is it too late? Lulu and Johnny embark on their new journey. Maxie puts out an ad for a new roommate and gets an earful from an unexpected source. With the assistance of Ewen, Kate remembers everything Connie did. Almost everything. Will Sonny stand by her? Smelling a dirty cop in their midst, Anna holds a PCPD meeting.

Jason gets support from Monica on Monday, June 18.

Spinelli updates Olivia on Heather’s mysterious man on Tuesday, June 19.

Mac and Felicia share a kiss on Wednesday, June 20.

Carly and Johnny’s romantic evening is interrupted on Thursday, June 21.

Todd gets an eyeful when he visits Starr in her new apartment on Friday, June 22.


Kate has nightmares. Patrick battles his demons. Spinelli loses Heather. Liz confronts Sam.

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  1. Blair should bring Jack with her and stir a little trouble up as a bad boy like his father. He would make a good rival aganist good guy Micheal!

  2. When will Blair be back? I miss the fireworks she brings.

  3. I’m wondering who the dirty cop is. Have absolutely positively had enough of Kate/Connie!

  4. Getting interesting! What’s up with another dirty cop? Wasn’t one enough?

  5. GH has been great, especially with the addition of Roger Howarth and Michael Easton (Todd and John).. Things will heat up even more, now with Kassie DePaiva coming back as Blair to fight for her man Todd.. The chemistry between Tony Geary and Fiona (Luke and Anna) is a very pleasant surprise.. Looking forward to watching GH everyday. Waiting for the fireworks between Todd and Blair…

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