Bold & the Beautiful Previews: Week of June 18

Katie overhears Bill’s plans to sabotage Hope and Liam’s wedding. After she confronts Marcus for more details, will she stop her husband from ruining everything?


Monday – Bill gives an unsuspecting Liam one last chance to get out of marrying Hope before putting his plan in motion. Ridge comforts a heartbroken Steffy. Hope comes face-to-face with the father that she never knew, Deacon Sharpe.

Tuesday – Deacon stays true to his word with Bill. Katie overhears Marcus and Dayzee discussing Bill’s plan to sabotage Hope and Liam’s wedding. Steffy sits alone at a café and recalls the good times she and Liam shared together.

Wednesday – Hope goes to great lengths to get to her wedding on time. Deacon grows remorseful about his part in Bill’s plan. Katie grills Marcus for details. Alison puts the finishing touch on Bill’s plan.

Thursday – Brooke and Ridge learn that Deacon is in Italy and has been in contact with Hope. Liam begins to regret not listening to Bill’s advice about Hope. Bill prepares the second part of his plan.

Friday – Bill anxiously awaits word about his plan. Hope tells Liam the reason why she did not show up on time. Brooke and Ridge try to get to the bottom of who is responsible for Hope missing her ceremony.