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General Hospital Previews: Week of July 2


The hunt for Joe Scully Jr., puts Sonny, Jason and John on the same path; Todd is overwhelmed with guilt; Anna and Tracy face off yet again.


John tracks down Joe Scully Jr. and accuses him of murdering John’s half-sister.  John is determined to get justice in Atlantic City. Sonny is determined to make Joe pay. Joe denies hurting Kate/Connie but shocks Sonny by blurting something about the baby she abandoned. Sonny is about to get his revenge on Joe Jr. when someone arrives. McBain has a chance to get Sonny, will he do it?



Kristina has a sisterly moment with Sam, who admits she may not ever be able to get over what happened between her and Jason.  Sam then goes to spy on Todd.  She covers and then tells him she’s surprised he’d consider working with Kate, given what she stole from him. Todd’s on the verge of spilling the beans about the baby switch to Sam. Kristina has an ulterior motive for getting closer to Sam.


Heather tries to turn Steve against Olivia by revealing Olivia hired Spinelli to investigate her. Starr and Michael’s lighthearted moment becomes fraught when they nearly kiss and Starr ultimately makes a confession about her feelings. Kate is surprised when she learns Todd bought Crimson. Todd isn’t so sure we’ve seen the last of Connie. Anna questions Tracy about the night Anthony’s body disappeared leaving Anna with more questions. Unable to get Luke to admit his feelings for her (because he has none), Heather forces Luke to write Anna a letter. Sam finds McBain on the jetty dock, drinking due to the guilt he has over his sister’s death. Patrick has a traumatic moment with Emma, witnessed by Maxie leading her to conspire with Lulu.

Trey gets a phone call from someone in his family on Monday, July 2.

Michel invites Starr to the Fourth of July festivities at the Quartermaine Mansion on Tuesday, July 3.

An encore episode of GH will air on Wednesday, July 4: Original Airdate – April 24 – Sonny and Carly discover Kate and Johnny in bed together; Anna questions Tracy.

Anna has more questions for Tracy about the night Anthony disappeared on July 5.

Jason berates himself for losing Sam on Friday, July 6.


What happens when a kiss may not be just a kiss? What happens when is just a kiss and nothing more? Depends on who is doing the kissing…. Carly finds herself in the middle of Jonny and Todd. Sam overhears a shocking confession. Can Elizabeth convince Jason not to give up? TJ makes a strong accusation about Alexis. Todd and Heather’s unlikely alliance goes a step further.

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  1. Love the McBam kiss coming up! I cannot wait for that. Inevitable indeed! I hope RC doesn’t go with Liason, but I would love to see John and Sam truly become a couple- McBAM! :) Their scenes are so good together, the chemistry is intense, and I love the slow build he’s been showing. Perfect. And MUCH more interesting than JaSam. I tuned out to Jason and Sam’s scenes a long time ago. Too boring. But even with no real romantic scenes, McBam sizzles and their potential as a true couple is something that makes me want to tune in to see them every time they’re on! I really hope he goes with that and doesn’t just drop it with a kiss…this fan wants more McBam!

  2. This storyline just seems to be getting worse for JaSam. If Ron Carlivati and Frank Valentini would listen to fans, they would hear us saying that the characters of Jason & Sam, as we know and love, would not cheat on each other. They would be there to support each other & they would be on there way to finding their baby. Sam loves Jason and Jason loves Sam. Please hurry up and reunite them with their baby (don’t keep dragging this bad storyline out).

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