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ABC Touts A "Blockbuster Summer" In 'General Hospital's' Summer Promo


General Hospital Logo 2012

It’s gonna be a blockbuster summer on General Hospital full of romance, revenge and revelations! Check out ABC’s newly released summer GH promo!

General Hospital Logo 2012

ABC released the extended 30-second version of its new summer promo, teasing 3 R’s – romance, revenge and revelations!

Let’s example the video shall we?

The promo opens with Dante (with gun drawn) kicking in the door to what looks like a room at the MetroCourt, Luke (still tied to his chair) is surrounded by fire, Heather standing outside of the burning shack with her gun drawn, Anna punching Heather while inside the burning shack.


Luke tells Heather, “You can’t make me love you.” Michael tells starr he thinks she’s amazing before kissing the songstress. Todd suggests to Blair that they reunite before laying a kiss on her.


Heather tells someone they were wrong to doubt her before she’s shown dressed as a maid, attacking Olivia with a syringe (I guess by now she’s reached her cray tipping point). John taunts someone behind bars (most likely Joe Jr., but creatively edited to make you believe its Sonny).


Todd declares that the baby he gave to Tea is really Jason’s! Sam is shown holding her baby in the hospital. Sonny is telling someone that Trey (Kristina’s reality show producer and who may or may not be Kate’s son) is hiding something. An emotional Johnny confesses “It was me. I’m guilty alright?”

Lots of kissing — John and Sam, Carly and Johnny, Dante walking as Lulu is mounting Johnny and tearing off his clothes.

Oh…and Patrick, our favorite grieving widower surgeon sees his thought-to-be-dead wife Robin!

Final Thoughts:

That promo has me psyched for the next couple of weeks of story! It’s nice to see the cops (aka the good guys) being on their “A” game for once. What or who is Dante after? How does Anna save Luke? Will she get to him in time before Heather’s plan is enacted? Will Michael and Starr be able to put the tragic losses of their lovers truly behind them and be happy together? Will Todd and Blair reunite (doubtful, Hello Todd & Carly)? Will the justice system finally work and put Sonny, Kate and John’s common enemy away for good? Will Sam learn the truth about her baby? Will Jason and Sam be able to overcome the obstacles they’ve brought into their relationship and reunite as a family? Will Sonny and Kate uncover the mystery around Trey? Will Carly leave Johnny for good when the truth comes out about his role in the fatal accident (and killing his grandpa/father)? Will John continue to be an issue for Jason & Sam? Why is Lulu making out with Johnny? Is it just a dream or has Dante’s worst fear come true and Lulu and Johnny “reconnect”?

And the BIGGEST question…is Patrick really seeing Robin or is she just a vision?

So many questions, many weeks to learn the answers!

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  1. I love Heather,she keeps things exciting–hope she doesn’t get killed off

  2. Looking forward to Patrick seeing Robin….vision or reality!? Can’t wait! And Johnny & Lulu= HOT!!!

  3. oh my that a promo

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