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'General Hospital' EP Frank Valentini: 'Some Wonderful Surprises Coming Back'


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General Hospital’s executive producer Frank Valentini teases what’s coming up on the show during interview with KABC-TV in Los Angeles.

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General Hospital celebrated the shows’ 10 Daytime Emmy wins with a gigantic cake and fun on the set today. KABC7 anchor George Pennaccio visited the set and interviewed a few stars and executive producer Frank Valentini about what’s to come.

“No one will perish. Some people will come awfully close and there will be some wonderful surprises coming back — some true fan favorites from a long time ago and from not so long ago. Between now and our 50th anniversary, which is April 1, I think everyone will be captivated and engaged in every episode because that’s how hard we’re working and how hard we’re trying to please and excite, and most importantly, surprise the fans,” said Valentini.

Also interviewed during the piece, Maurice Benard (Sonny), Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis), Kelly Monaco (Sam) and Sean Butler (Shawn).

See the video below:

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  1. I want Alan and Jake to come back and Emily/Georgie also. Then give Jason and Liz the chance to become a family like they planned before Michael got shot. Let Michael and Starr heat up our screens and Hope returns. I would love Michael and Starr to live together when Hope returns. Michael trying to deal with a little girl would be so darn cute!

  2. Gh sucks! all i’ve been seeing lately is doom & gloom.. submissive cheating women, women being raped, married man disrespecting his wife, the same WTD storylines, DID storyline is a joke..i seen the michael star pairing from a mile away, but i must agree with those who are not feeling the SnobPrincess storyline.. it just sucks!! the mob is still front and center, some very bad acting from some of the actors/actresses, GHers being tossed to the back burner while y’all bring in newbies&more OLTLers & give them more airtime..Gh has so many characters w/o s/l’s i feel that RC & FV is trying to turn Gh into OLTL with its recycled OLTL storylines I see the history of Gh being changed and out of character writing is OVERKILL ..Keep our GHers front & center like they should be hence the name GENERAL HOSPITAL not OLTL, For me Gh has been draining & i can careless bout anyone who thinks other wise because i’m speaking for myself.. for those who say RC &FV have turned Gh around has clearly not been keeping up with the RATINGS! Gh is losing viewers left and right but everyone is entitled to their feelings! Here’s to hoping #gh does live on when RC & FV make the necessary changes to really improve Gh! cause i sure haven’t seen any impressive changes.. Sorry but Not Sorry! Oh and Yes i’m a #JaSam&GHfan

  3. So excited to hear that that fan favorites will be reunited. I miss Jason & Sam as a couple, no other couple has their same chemistry! I’d also like to see Alan Q. return, we need to see more of the Q’s. I also can’t wait for Robin to return (Patrick really needs her). Sorry, but Mob Princess storyline is just not cutting it. Love to see Sam, Jason and Spinelli have an action packed adventure. Sure hoping that the rumors about Kirsten Storms returning are true – the old Maxie sometimes left me shaking my head but mostly just smiling. GH really needs that love, romance and some lightheartedness back, too much angst is not a good thing. Let’s keep GH on the air!

  4. Sorry but Brenda did nothing for me,. she was just a oh poor me, Sonny, person.

  5. Yes, I really liked Skye & waching Rick as a lost sole on the classic epiodes, has made me want him back, but ot as cut throat Rick though.

  6. I would like to see Kassie as Blair again & of course Robin. Even though I don’t want Sam & John together, I don’t care if they bring Melissa on board. John would be better with someone else, but who?????

  7. I agree about , the ob Princess. I’m glad to see they are turning Sonny back. He’s not as whinny any more. I love te new opening & can’t wit to see more.

  8. Yeah, I agree. I’m not a fan of the new Kristina.

  9. The woman who played Tiffany (Sharon Wyatt) is battling throat cancer. (I read that a few months ago. Hope she’s going to be o.k.)

  10. I’ve been watching GH on and off since 1970. The love the new dimensions that has been added to the show. The writing is great, and the directing is fabulous! I’ve never seen GH look so good! Not a big fan of the new opening, but the show is great! I would LOVE to see Genie Francis come back, but I know she’s happy where she is now. (Luke and Laura were the main reason I kept watching GH all those years ago!) I loved Anna and Robert Scorpio, Frisco and Felicia, and now Sam and Jason. (Hope they get back together!) Love this show! Oh and by the way, I don’t watch any of those morning shows, and I certainly will not watch the GAA show, either!!

  11. Blair and Todd pls.

  12. As much as I like Todd and Starr. I want some long ago GH stars to come back maybe like Shawn and Tiffany or even Frisco!

  13. This is good for General Hospital. But please bring back All My Children, cancelling that was a big mistake.

  14. I wonder if Georige is coming back, yesterday the actress tweeted that she missed Gh and added a wink face, I would love for Georgie and Alan Q to come back

  15. Thank you Ron and Frank for adding much needed entertainment to my life. You both are my heros. I miss my shows so much and you get it.

  16. get jasams baby away from oltl hands would be a start. bring back some old gh favs

  17. I love the way General Hospital has made such a great turnaround since Carlivati and Valentini have been at the helm. Fans, let’s all make sure we do everything we can to let ABC know that we want to KEEP GH on the air! I will be looking forward to the new surprises coming. GH is so much fun to watch again!

  18. go general hospital, hope to see more oltl characters on

  19. Love General Hospital, now that my favorites OLTL characters are sharing some time. Good work GH.

  20. Blair Cramer Please!!!

  21. Let Kassie DaPaiva have a contract so her and Todd can be a couple again. Hoping Robin will come back for Patrick!!!!! Long Live GH!!! bring Melissa Archer on for John McBain!!!!

  22. I would love to see Brenda come back so her and Jason can have a romance blossom between them

  23. Please drop the Mob Princess storyline. It’s killing what is otherwise a great show!

  24. I am enjoying General Hospital more and more these days — great story lines

  25. Give Kassie DePaiva a contract so ToddnBlair can really reunite..

  26. Malie I agree! I want Robin Christopher back!

  27. No one perishes? What about Victor/Tea’s baby?

  28. making Becky Herbst a lead would surpass and excite me! :) Happy for GH… I am watching again, that says a lot since it’s been Dec 2008 that I was a regular viewer.

  29. I would to see Robin Christopher come back as “Skye” she is an amazing actress…I just love her.

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