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Maria Arena Bell “Mystified” About Her Firing From ‘The Young and the Restless’


Maria Arena Bell

Recently axed head writer Maria Arena Bell sounds off on her firing from The Young and the Restless.

Just a few hours after after Sony and CBS announced a major overhaul of daytime’s number one drama, Arena Bell took to her Facebook page last night to deliver a rather heartfelt message about her firing. In her post, Bell claims she isn’t sure why she was let go, as well as defends her tenure.

CBS Soaps In Depth published Bell’s entry on their website today:

[textblock style=”7″]”So it was announced today I am leaving Y and R… the show I have loved so much for so long. It is the legacy of my father in law… my mother in law… and all the Bells. The show has been my heart and soul. I loved working with the most talented writers in TV who were also the most wonderful human beings I know. They became a second family and my best friends. I loved the cast and crew. I am extremely sad to go because there are more stories I could have told. So much more I wanted to do. My ratings are strong… each week stronger than last year. The show is in a great place creatively. We are number one by the greatest margin in the show’s history and have been consistently while I’ve been there. Under no one else’s tenure as head writer exec producer have we won every demographic for so long. I am just shy of five years at the helm. It has been an amazing ride. So why am I leaving? I am mystified as are my cast and crew.

There have been a lot of tears shed in the last few days… by me and by my loyal staff and by our iconic actors,” she continues. “I was not given a reason and in fact I have heard nothing from Sony or CBS. They sent me a message through my husband Bill who had the terrible job of conveying that they’d gone around him and were letting me go. I fought hard for my vision and to keep the show on track with the characters that matter to the audience. Maybe I fought too hard. But I am glad I did. I never compromised on what I believed in. I never dumbed down the storytelling. I walked in the door at Y and R in 1988… as a young writer getting her first job. Today I leave there knowing it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I love you Y and R. Your story was my life story too. And to Victor… Nikki… Jack… and Kay… I will miss you.”[/textblock]

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  1. I am seriously not sure what rock Maria has been living under because most of what she has said in her FB post was just wrong. Ratings?! The show has been dropping in ratings over the past 5 years AND NOT RISING. The demographics she taunts go up and down so much that just her basic stance that they remained CONSTANT AND HIGH are ridiculous. Her daydream that the storytelling remained consistent and never dumbed down is like a morbidly obese person asking “do I look fat in this string bikini?”

    Maria is delusional. The show has become a boring mess. Over the past year alone storylines and new actors were created that went no where. Where’s Paul and Jack’s combined efforts at revenge against Victor that they eloquently spoke about for a week after Patti was arrested a second time after shooting Jack?! Where was the story and delivery for Maura West when you trumpeted her arrival on the show? Or even the good WHODUNIT that lasted way too long and made NO sense?! Look what you have done to Sharon! Look at the ridiculous firing of Eileen Davidson from the show while keeping the likes of Stephan Nicolls, or the actors who play Lily, Cane and Sophia.

    Maria, you now have the time to dine and enjoy lady lunches and cocktail parties. You are one of those people who can write but should never have the realm to say that it’s good! You’re a goof ball living in a totally different reality.

  2. I am sorry but your show is not very good. I have watched it for years and it does not even come close to GH. I still watch Y&R but wow how boring and now you are getting the worst of the worst. Good luck you will need it.

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