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In March, Switched at Birth left us with a handful of cliffhangers. Katherine almost kissed her lawyer, Craig. Wilke and Daphne ended their relationship – on a happy note – when he told her he was leaving for boarding school. Wilke told Daphne about Emmett sleeping with Simone, who denied it when Daphne confronted him. Emmett told Bay that he slept with Simone, leaving her heartbroken. Angelo was in danger of being deported, leaving marrying a U.S. citizen as his only option. The finale left viewers on the edge of their seats with all kinds of feelings. Thankfully, the ABC Family drama returns on September 3.

Here’s what you can expect in the season premiere:

There may or may not be a wedding.
Regina struggles with whether or not to marry Angelo. Remember she has a boyfriend though, so that’s kind of a major problem. It doesn’t help matters that her boyfriend has o desire to get married, which is the very kind of future Regina wants. With his hearing date closing in and nothing on his side except family letters explaining how important he is to their lives, Regina has a huge decision to make.

Bay has a new guy in her life.
His name is Alex. She met him on her trip to the Galapagos Islands. And he’s really, really cute. Not to mention, everything that Emmett isn’t. Bay didn’t tell him about her family, the baby switch, or Emmett. Will they survive her former heartbreak?

Emmett apologizes in a very Emmett way.
A map. A wall. A timeline. That’s all I’m revealing. It’ll leave you breathless.     

Katherine finished her book.
Katherine’s coming into a new identity, one where she’s more than a mother, a wife, and a homemaker. It’s going to be a struggle for everyone, but she’s happier than ever. It’s a new start for her and will impact her marriage and children’s lives. It’s safe to say, this will be a struggle for them throughout the season.

Daphne struggles in the ‘real’ world.
This show never fails to show the differences between the deaf and hearing world. When Daphne gets a job with a boss, she’s left reeling about her future. Her boss, who is quite the frustrating, impatient jerk, sees her deafness as a burden. Something tells me we’re in for an interesting journey as he gets to know Daphne, begins to understand her, and even helps her – or rather, she helps him.

Bay finally confronts Emmett about what happened.
“We were bigger than my one mistake,” Emmett signed, during an impassioned argument that may have left tears in my eyes, which means it may or may leave tears in yours, too. Will it be enough for Bay? Or will she leave Emmett standing? It is easily the most heartbreaking, emotional scene in the premiere. I rarely root for cheaters, but Emmett was a confused, lost, teenage boy. He made a mistake and hopefully he’s learned from it, so I’ll stay on his team.  

A judge makes a decision about Angelo’s case.
The outcome is surprising and quite moving, and if you’re like me, it will move you to tears (then again, what doesn’t make me cry?!). It’s all about a child’s heartache and the sacrifices mother’s make for their children.

Dear September,

Please come quickly.



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