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General Hospital Previews: Week of August 20


Nathin Butler

It’s a week of romantic entanglements and mysteries on General Hospital! Can Kate move on from her past? Will Ewen’s actions be exposed? Will Anna find what she’s looking for?


John informs Sonny that Joe Jr. was released from prison with help from an unknown associate. Sonny regrets not having killed him when he had the chance. Though upset by the news, Kate wants Sonny to forget about Joe and concentrate on their engagement.

Later, Todd offers Kate her job and attempts to guide her to the realizations that Connie is still lurking and she didn’t kill Cole and Hope. Kate has flash of a memory from Connie.


Jason shares with Spinelli his doubts about Ewen and tells him to break into his office and get any information that might connect him with the injecting of Alexis and Josslyn. Meanwhile, overwhelmed with guilt, Ewen almost spills all with Kate. Later, Spinelli shares his information with Jason. What has he discovered?


Kristina makes a decision about marrying Trey. Luke wonders about the identity of Heather’s accomplice… until he meets Todd. Carly and Josslyn are confronted by a mystery person as they prepare to head home. After moving to the Metro Court, Joe Jr. meets Tracy. Anna is close to locating Robin.

Starr persuades Trey to tell her who his father really is on Monday August 20.

Kate and Sonny get romantic on Tuesday August 21.

Johnny is aggravated that Todd is still meddling in his affairs with Carly on Wednesday August 22.

Michael thinks Trey has kidnapped Kristina on Thursday August 23.

Olivia has two unsettling hallucinations on Friday August 25.

Coming Soon: Week of August 27

Anna comes face to face with the mystery patient. Jerry makes his demands to the people of Port Charles. Todd makes a confession to Carly about his feelings. Carly comforts Jax. Por Charles awakens to a dire situation. Will Jason be able to save Elizabeth?

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  1. I will be happy to see Kristin Storms. I do like Ewen wish he could stay.I have been sorry to see a lot of actors leave GH, including JJ. Sorry to see SB leave he is a very good actor. I loved him being part of one of the most popular daytime couples.JaSam. It’s sad BUT if he feels he has to go, but you have to respect his decision.

  2. We all sad the Steve Burton is leave show Elizabeth and Jason was my fave couple i will miss him as fans wish him the best god bless him all always thank your for play Jason Morgan.

  3. Does anyone know if Liz & Ewen do the deed before she is kidnapped? I want to know when to set my DVR! :)

  4. Woot Woot I can watch GH again. About time they had Jason and Liz interacting again. Love it. Can’t wait for him to save her :) Love their scenes. So glad Jason is Ho free :) :)

  5. i wont be watching gh anymore because of the jason liz i like her but she does not belong with jason.

  6. Gag me. The annoying Jizzers will be out in full force claiming that Jason loves Liz and all that disgusting bull honky with Liz hoping to be his last choice ONS again.

  7. I love that Jason is trying to save Elizabeth. I have missed them.

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