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Days of our Lives Previews: Week of September 3


Galen Gering

Rafe comes to Sami’s rescue again. Has spending time together caused never resolved feelings to resurface? Also: Nicole fears her secret could be revealed; Maggie’s support of Nick may cause problems between her, Brady and Melanie.


Melanie has second thoughts about her involvement in Nick’s parole. Nick Fallon’s parole results come in. Rafe saves Sami. Nicole is worried about her secret getting out. Brady warns Maggie about supporting Nick. Chad takes his relationship with Melanie to the next level.

Daniel comes into conflict with Nick’s family. EJ wants to win Sami back. Abigail learns she has a roommate. Sonny tries to make amends with T. Sami offers her help to Gabi. Brady informs Kate he’s giving her a promotion.

DVR Alerts:

Tuesday – Rafe saves Sami.

Friday – Chad takes his relationship with Melanie to the next level.


(To Be Added Sunday)


Rafe acts on his emotions and surprises Sami. EJ and Sami decide to rekindle their love once more. Will cautions his mother to be careful with her heart when she tells him of her plans to reunite with EJ.

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  1. Ewwwwww Ejami

  2. YAY Some Safe scenes wish they were together

  3. More boring, balless EJ. He’s supposed to be a bad guy doing bad things. That hasn’t happened in forever. Still stuck in the vortex of suck, ugh!!

  4. EJ and Sami? I thought they wanted the ratings to go up. If it didn’t work before she shot him in the head, I really doubt things will change now. With all the guys for Sami (her other two true loves are on the show), why is she romancing the jerk who put a fake in her bed and laughed about it? I used to think Sami was so cool and tough, but now she is a dumb wimp. Who is writing this?

  5. I’m looking forward to the EJami scenes as well and I wish Sami would trust her heart and not fall for GT’s “hero” Rafe again. Ugh.
    It’s also great to see Nick again. I enjoy Blake Berris’ acting.
    Have a great weekend everyone. :-)

  6. Nicole has done nothing but worry about her secret. Rafe is everywhere. Thanks GT At first it seemed that Will approved of Sami and EJ. But now he doesn’t. Again thanks GT :P I hope that EJ and Sami actually do, rather than just to decide to
    rekindle their love and tell everyone else to take a flying leap. Especially grandma Brady.

  7. Yay finally Ejami together at last rafe go away for the love of god

  8. EJ and Sami? Finally? Do mine eyes decieve me?????

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