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Days of our Lives Previews: Week of October 1


EJ and Chad are having the having the worst week ever; Jennifer and Nicole have a public confrontation; Nicole learns devastating news in more ways than one; Nick and Gabi grow closer.


Sami is crushed when Rafe breaks things off with her, unaware that EJ is blackmailing him with Gabi’s actions. Meanwhile EJ learns Melanie has left Salem, thwarting his plans to reunite Chad with her. When EJ learns Rafe successfully completed his demands, he heads to Sami’s feigning ignorance of Rafe’s actions. As Sami breaks down, EJ is offers just the kind of comfort she needs – just as he planned.

When Chad shows up demanding an update, he almost exposes EJ’s blackmail! EJ manages to calm his brother down, only for Chad to become more volatile when he receives Melanie’s “Dear John” (or in this case, “Dear Chad) letter. With nothing more to lose, Chad prepares to unleash his DiMera wrath on a vulnerable Gabi.

Rafe interrupts EJ and Sami’s intimate moment, dying to expose EJ’s machinations but can’t because of Gabi. He used a moment alone with Sami to again remind her that EJ is not the man for her. Tired of Rafe’s inconsistent behavior, Sami demands an explanation from him but gets none. EJ and Sami return home to find an upset Chad, furious that Gabi won’t pay for her crimes. EJ departs with Chad from Sami’s place to the Horton Square, where he learns that because of Chad’s deal with Nick, Gabi cannot be exposed! And just who happens to overhear this convo? Sami!

EJ is livid to learn his leverage over Rafe is gone and can’t be undone! Meanwhile Sami confronts Chad about what she overheard and is able to piece together that EJ is blackmailing Rafe. Chad realizes EJ had his own agenda all along! The young Dimera races to confront his older brother and tells him that Sami has figured everything out. EJ panics and tries to find Sami but is too late, she’s already found Rafe. Sami and Rafe come together in a passionate kiss just as a horrified EJ arrives to see! Later Sami confronts EJ, blasting him for his manipulations, but EJ tells Sami Rafe is just as big of a liar he is.  When Sami tells Rafe about her confrontation with EJ, she asks him to come clean about as well. Will Rafe tell Sami the truth?


Nicole desperation to hang on to Daniel sinks to more pathetic depths. Nick thwarts Chad’s plans to put Gabi in jail by threatening to press charges for his assault. Billie gives Bo advice about leaving his job.  Jennifer’s hatred of Nicole intensifies and publicly assails her for ruining Daniel’s life. Gabi and Nick share a kiss. Maggie is confidant to Jennifer and Daniel, with each one gaining new perspective after some advice. Nicole overhears Daniel admitting to Brady he’s still in love with Jennifer. Abigail wonders why Melanie left so abruptly. Daniel reluctantly rejects Jennifer’s offer of friendship. Nicole receives devastating news about her baby. Bo makes up for lost time by spending time with Hope and Ciara. Stefano calls EJ. Will EJ answer?


“She’s mean, mean mean…” – It’s the long awaited return of Eileen Davidson as Kristen Blake DiMera!  Caroline’s condition worsens. John and Marlena are happier than ever, blissfully unaware that trouble with a capital “K” may be heading their way. Abigail and Chad have it out. 

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