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General Hospital Previews: Week of October 1


The guests are gathered for Sonny and Kate’s wedding, but will they make it to the ‘I do’ this time? Elizabeth’s guilt is weighing her down, but will her feelings for Jason make her keep quiet? Sam and McBain are alone together, commiserating over their lost loves. Will their comfort turn to passion? These questions and more will be answered this week on “General Hospital.”

It’s not the way I planned it

Before the wedding, Sonny wants to find out if Kate knows the truth about Trey. But his bride-to-be appears to be in the dark so he decides he will tell her after the wedding. Carly and Johnny attend the wedding together, but Johnny slips way before the ceremony begins. When the priest asks for reasons why the two should not be joined, several people have objections and Lulu wonders if there’s more to the moment she witnessed between Kate and Johnny. Mr. Zacchara has some explaining to do and Carly and Starr are both very upset by his actions. Will Todd be there for Carly in her time of need?

I must confess that my loneliness is killing me now

John gets a letter from Natalie and Sam tells him that she and Jason are divorcing. The two console each other and give into their growing feelings. After letting Sam believe that she and Jason are still together, Elizabeth goes to pick up Jason for the wedding. He tells her about the divorce papers and how sad he is that he couldn’t give Sam her baby back. Elizabeth is increasingly guilt ridden and finally makes a confession to Jason. He instantly calls McBain and the two need to work together. But when John goes to see Tea about her baby, she discovers that Victor is missing.

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I shouldn’t have let you go

Trey decides to tell Kristina the truth about his parents. Alexis and Trey are concerned when they learn Kristina never made it to the wedding. Trey is worried his father did something to her and when he bursts in on Joe Jr., he finds a horrifying situation. Joe insists he needs to get back at Sonny to give Trey the life he deserves. Monica finds Tracy with Joe’s medal and she insists she’d planned on giving it back, but one thing led to another. Tracy must decide if she wants to help Joe before the police arrive.

Give me a sign

Elsewhere in town, Maxie is upset when Spinelli brings Ellie as his date to the wedding. Dante and Michael have a nice moment with Sonny before the wedding. When Jason can’t get a hold of Sonny, he assumes he’s busy with wedding stuff. Steve apologizes to Olivia and they both realize her hallucinations are more like premonitions. She wishes she could use them to help find Heather.

Hit me baby one more time

For the week of October 8: Duke makes his intentions clear, Luke returns to Port Charles, McBain is determined to make Todd pay, Jason and Sam come face to face with Heather in a dangerous situation and Todd takes care of Carly in her time of need.


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